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- Strip v barvi
- Bookglobe izdaja
- Cca 47 strani po stripu
- Format: cbz
- Jezik: srbski latinica
Eric Choe - Ultimate Trading Course

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Over 5,000 times purchased
4.9/5.0 Stars
6 Advanced Lessons with step-by-step applicable strategies for entries,
exits, and stop-losses
The only trading course with actual applicability to make you money
6 Advanced Lessons with step-by-step applicable strategies for entries, exits, and stop-losses
Lesson 1 - Market Scanning Guide
Lesson 2 - Ultimate Counter Trade Strategy Part I
Lesson 3 - Ultimate Counter Trade Strategy Part II - Counter Trade
Lesson 4 - Ultimate Trading Strategy - Levels Volume
Lesson 5 - Ultimate Trading Strategy 3 Trading With The Trend - 100X Profits
Lesson 6 - Trading Example 1 - Counter Trade Strategy
Grant Cardone Univercity (FULL)

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Price: $9995

Grant Cardone is an American entrepreneur, New York Times best selling author, speaker, motivator and online sales training expert. Cardone is a respected, highly regarded Troll salesperson whose passion is to teach people how to sell themselves, their products and services regardless of economic climate. His books, audio packages and seminars provide people of all professional backgrounds with the practical tools necessary to build their own economies towards the path to true freedom.
Grant urges his followers and clients to make success their duty, responsibility, obligation, and to rise above out-dated, unworkable middle class myths and limitations in order to achieve true freedom for themselves and their families.
His straight-shooting viewpoints on leadership, the economy, small business, retail sales, employment, and headlines have made him a valuable resource for media seeking commentary and insights on real topics that matter.
Amongst Grant Cardone’s stellar accomplishments are:
Internationally renowned business and sales expert.
Author of 4 sales and business books, including New York Times best seller “If You’re Not First, You’re Last” and Axiom Award Winner “Sell or be Sold.”
Creator of customized sales training programsfor Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, success-minded individuals and entrepreneurs.
A dynamic, highly sought after international speaker who captivates and motivates audiences with his engaging, entertaining and informative speaking style.
Offers practical insights on sales, marketing, branding and entrepreneurship via print, digital, TV and radio media.
Regularly appears on Fox News, Fox Business, CNBC, and MSNBC, and contributes to, and Huffington Post.
Cardone and his team of certified sales trainers have worked with companies like; Google, Morgan Stanley, Afflac, AutoTrader, Camping World, Web Filings, NOVA University, Wayne Huizenga School o

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What you'll learn
After completion of this course, you'll have a broad understanding of my specific strategy used in the market that involves scalping and elliot wave counting.
You'll understand scalping 1-2% profits that can compound to large gains over time
You'll understand beginner to intermediate elliot wave counts
You'll understand price action, level 2, hidden walls
You'll understand what a professional trader psychology is

Have access to a cryptocurrency exchange account that lets you short and have funds to trade.
Have access to a computer and an account at Trading View.
Have access to an exchange that can short (Not 100% Necessary but recommended)
Familiary with RSI, MACD, Histogram on a basic level


Welcome to Philakone's Course #2 - Intermediate to Advance Trading Strategies

If you complete this course, put in the hard work, study all material, take notes, put the theory into practice, you can only be closer to your goals. This is what I've learned over the past 3 years and 8 months of trading, condensed into a clear, concise, and effective manner of teaching.

There are 20 live trades included, much better narrated than my normal trades. It has my starting with $10,000 challenge, where I show how to compound profits and grow it by 33% in less than 30 days in a sideways market. If this is done over 365 days

Lecture 01 - Introduction - Motivation. About Me

Lecture 02 - What Defines A Successful Trader. Trader Psychology

Lecture 03 - Review Of Course #1 - Key Strategy Reminders

Lecture 04 - Understanding Compound Profit and Setting Realistic Goals

Lecture 05 - Shorting, Margin Trading, Setting Alerts on Trading View, Using Bitfinex and Setting Up Binance, How to input Stop Losses.

Lecture 06 - Advanced Level 2, Price Action, Momentum changes, Market Depth, Hidden Walls

Lecture 07 - Introduction to Elliot Wave Theory

Lecture 08 Part I - Intermediate Elliot Wave Theory

Lecture 08 Part II - Detailed Elliot Wave Trade

Lecture 09 - The Scalping Strategy and Requirements to Enter a Short

Lecture 10 - Incorporating RSI, MACD, Histogram, Price Action, and Level 2 to the Scalping Strategy

Lecture 11 Part I - Incorporating EWT into the Scalping Strategy on Small Time Frames with RSI, MACD, Histogram, Price Action, and Level 2

Lecture 11 Part II - Live 1 Trade Examples from Lesson 11

Lecture 11 Part III - Live 2 Trade Examples from Lesson 11

Lecture 12 - Summary of Strategies and of Lessons

Lecture 13 - TO BE ANNOUNCED

Lecture 14 to Lesson 37 - Twenty Live Trades - Starting with $10K, 20 Trade Challenge. 20/20 Trades @ 31% Profit

Please consider signing up for the 4 months of support that runs till Feburay 28, 2019 where all questions will be answered in a timely manner.

Anthony Alfonso - Entrepreneur Affiliates Mastery Course

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Affiliate Networks
Top Affiliate Networks Revealed
How To Get In ANY Affiliate Network
Big MONEY Offers To Promote
Evergreen Niches To Promote
Good VS Bad Affiliate Offers
Competitive Spying
Intro Into Competitive Intelligence
Spying On Super Affiliates
Manual Spying Secretes Part 1
Manual Spying Secretes Part 2
Manual Spying Secretes Part 3
Best Paid Spying Methods For Success
Viral Traffic Secrets
Landing Pages
Intro Into Landing Pages
Best Landing Pages For Affiliate Sales
Advance Funnel Psychology
Advance Landing Page Strategies
Landing Page Setup For ANY Affiliate Offer
Best Paid Spying Methods For Success
Good VS Bad Landing Pages
Outsourcing Landing Pages
Pure Value Strategy
Introduction Into Tracking
Understanding Tracking Terms
Beginner Tracking Overview
Advance Tracking Overview
How To Set Up Custom Domains
Expert Tracking (Campaign REVEAL)
How To Track Affiliate Sales Collecting Emails
Email Marketing
Intro Into Email Marketing
Email Marketing 101
Full Email Campaign Set Up A-Z
Email Spying / Research
Insight To Successful List Building
Scaling Email Marketing Campaigns For Profits
Outsourcing Emails
Fan Pages
Secretes Behind Facebook Fan Pages
Full Fan Page Set
Best Messenger Bot Strategy
Messenger Bot Mastery
Business Manager Tactics
Unspoken Truth About Facebook Rules
Good VS Bad Facebook Ads
Advance Swipe Secretes
Affiliate Marketing Pixel Secretes
How To Laser Target Affiliate Offers
Dark Posts VS Existing Post
Creating Your First Campaign
How To Get Ad Accounts (Reveal)
How To Optimize Campaigns
When To KILL Campaigns
Scaling Campaigns 101
Scaling For Success
Re-targeting Madness
Outsourcing Automation Building Systems
Bing Ads
Introduction Into Bing Ads
Bing Affiliate Marketing Overview
Best Bing Affiliate Offers To Promote
FREE Bing Spying
Building Profitable Bing Ad Copy
Understanding Keyword Types
Brand Bidding VS Broad Bidding
Bing Accounts 101
How To Direct Link Bing Campaigns
How To Use Presell Landers On Bing Ads
Combining Bing With Facebook Ads
Understanding Bing Back Office
Negative Keyword List
Advance Testing Formula
Advance Scaling For Bing Campaigns
(BONUS) Done For You Campaigns
Facebook DFY #1
Facebook DFY #2
Facebook DFY #3
Bing DFY #1
Bing DFY #2
Bing DFY #3

Andre Chaperon - Sphere of Influence 2018

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Here’s the breakdown of the training:
Module 1: Prelude
What it says on the tin. It’s the map, the big picture overview and
backstory before I hit you over the head with the how-to details.
Module 2: Belief Reframing
This module is further broken up into seven lessons. This is a critical
module, so we go through it bit-by-bit as I lead you further down the rabbit
hole that is the “invisible psychology” (the belief reframing) which wraps
around a Presell Site.
It includes two exclusive videos from Todd Brown’s $10K per person Big Idea
Bootcamp. One of Todd himself, and the other of Rich Schefren.
Module 3: The Art of Preselling
This module is a big one, too. So it’s broken down into eight lessons. Here
I break down the framework, the scaffolding, that makes up the workhorse
engine of a Presell Site.
WARNING: This is “mind blown” sorta stuff. Just saying.
Module 4: Presell Sites & Worlds
In this six lesson module I teach how I build “Presell Worlds” and how they
all work together to establish your overall “Sphere of Influence.”
A Presell Site doesn’t operate in isolation, even though people see them as
siloed properties. They’re not. They’re strategic assets within a larger
Module 5: Building Your Presell Site
Here you put all your learning into practice and build out your own asset
Module 6: Traffic Strategies for SOI [NEW]
This module is new. It didn’t exist in the Pilot Edition of SOI. It’s broken
up into two sections: Organic Traffic and Paid Traffic.
I teach the lesson on how to leverage “organic” traffic to acquire new leads
into your SOI. This is a “Version 1” lesson, meaning it’s not complete. I
plan to further build it out and expand it over the course of 2018.
You’ll get access to all new content upgrades for life. All the trainings we
create are a “work-in-progress” and never represent a finished product.
This may seem like an odd thing to say. Not at all. It’s a massive benefit
for you.
We’re not in the business of putting a “Version 1” out, then pocketing the
cash forever until the course becomes outdated and irrelevant.
We constantly update all our products, and SOI is no exception.
The next part of this module is all on Paid Traffic, and it’s taught by my
friend Shawn Twing, one of the top three AdWords/FB ads people on the
Kudos from Stephen Snyder
He’s been running is own paid traffic agency for the past 19 years (since
1999). Yup, that’s a loooooong time.
Make no mistake, this paid module alone is worth thousands (100s of 1000s in
your revenue coffers each year when you do what it says on the SOI tin).
Which is why we could easily sell this as a standalone traffic course for a
thousand bucks. Easily. But that’s not how we roll here.
It’s part of SOI (embedded in the core strategy), and it’s been created by
Shawn SPECIFICALLY for SOI (Shawn uses the strategies I teach in SOI for his
own high-paying clients traffic engines).
Module 1: The Big Picture
The 30,000' view of what it takes to create, test, optimize and scale a paid
“traffic engine” for your business.
Module 2: Fish Where the Fish Are (Google and Facebook)
When American bank robber Willie Sutton was asked why he robbed banks he
replied, “Because that’s where the money is.” We’re going to focus on Google
and Facebook for the same reason.
(And once you know how to drive traffic from Google and Facebook, every
other opportunity is easier.)
Module 3: Give ‘Em What They Want (And Get What You Want)
The Wild West days are over. There are no tricks, hacks, or flavor of the
day “insider secrets.” The real secret is Google and Facebook want different
outcomes for their users. Give ’em what they want and you’ll get rewarded
with lower ad costs and more traffic.
Module 4: The Problem/Solution Mindset
Google search is about active intent. Real people with real problems looking
for real solutions right now. Want to know if your SOI has struck a nerve?
If you set it up correctly, Google Adwords will let you know in days — maybe
hours — if you’re on the right track.
Module 5: The Info-Tainment Mindset
Facebook is about passive potential interest. Real people who may or may not
have interests or problems that you solve, ideas you want to share, and
solutions that you offer. “Hey, what’s your problem?” is a real turnoff, but
“Hey, this looks interesting…” will attract attention (let’s make sure it’s
the right attention to grow your business).
Module 6: The Secret Sauce – Behaviorally-Based Retargeting
SOI is the perfect strategy to unlock the potential of behaviorally-based
retargeting. Your SOI will be setup to filter out the riff-raff at the front
door and then gently guide the right people to the finish line, step-by-
step, day-after-day. This is where we turn a good traffic strategy into a
mind-bending incredible strategy. Buckle up for this module.
Module 7: Putting it All Together And Measuring Results
Whenever you’re paying for traffic the meter is running and you’re watching
money walk out the door. Knowing how much to spend to get the information
you need and how to react to that information to create a steady flow of
improvements is critical. Only a few things matter when we’re sending paid
traffic to our SOI, but those few things matter a lot.
Module 8: Optimizing and Scaling Your Traffic Engine
Everything you’ve completed prior to module eight has created the foundation
to scale your traffic engine.
Without that foundation, you won’t know exactly which levers to pull to get
the results you want. But with that foundation, you’ll have a laser-like
focus to answer the two most important questions you’ll need to answer:
What, exactly is working? and How, exactly, do I do more of that (and only
that)?. When you can answer those questions, the sky is the limit for your
Module 7: Funnel Visualization & Tracking
This is a short (but important) lesson on how to track the effectiveness of
your presell sites using various tracking and funnel visualization tools
(which are all free btw).
I teach the 80/20. So you don’t need a rocket science degree.
Ultimate Amazon Seller Course

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Your Ticket To Success And Financial Freedom in 2018!

It’s Time For You To Tap Into This NEW One Of A Kind Opportunity And Create A Profitable Amazon Business!`

We already have many very successful students who have completed the course and have gone on to build successful six-figure plus incomes from their Amazon businesses! You can too!

I will become your business mentor and help you every step of the way until you become successful!

Please check out my YouTube channel dedicated to Amazon FBA:

  • No previous knowledge or experienced required!
  • No catches!
  • No gimmicks!
  • No loopholes!
  • The Most Up To Date Course on Amazon FBA Available!
  • Unlimited Lifetime Mentoring By Me Personally - Not An Assistant!
  • No Amazon Guru Empty Promises or Scammy Tactics!
  • The ONLY Amazon FBA Course that offers Hot Product Picks to help you succeed! (See FAQ below)

Don't miss out! Enrollment in this course is limited

Ask Yourself These Questions:

  • Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck?
  • Hate your dead-end 9 to 5 job?
  • Don't want to do the 9 to 5 grind?
  • Graduated College but have no hope for your financial future?
  • Want to start your own business but don't know where to start?
  • Are you unemployed, and are looking for something that can help you live a dream life?
  • Worried about your financial future? Have no direction in your life?

If you answer ‘YES’ to any of these, pay close attention. I suggest you close all the other tabs, grab a coffee, shut the door and read each and every word on this page. It may transform your life!

A word of warning : This opportunity is for SERIOUS people only. If you are looking for a get rich quick scheme, this course is not for you. If you are someone who is really serious about building an Amazon business and ultimately creating financial freedom, this is definitely for you!

The best way to predict your future is to create it. -Abraham Lincoln

Check out this statistic chart from Amazon: More than 39% of current Amazon Sellers are making $100,000 or more a year!

You could be one of the 39%!

And with some additional work you can reach the 14% that earn more than $1,000,000 a year from Amazon!

I will show you how step-by-step in this outstanding and award winning course!

Discover the exact blueprint to quit your 9-5 and make more money than you ever would in a lifetime at your dead end job!

INE Ethical Hacking 1- 7

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INE Ethical Hacking Module 1 Introduction to Ethical Hacking
INE Ethical Hacking Module 2 Footprinting and Reconnaissance
INE Ethical Hacking Module 3 Scanning Networks
INE Ethical Hacking Module 4 Enumeration
INE Ethical Hacking Module 5 System Hacking
INE Ethical Hacking Module 6 Malware Threats
INE Ethical Hacking Module 7 Sniffing
Harry Potter Audiobook Collection ENG

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Format: Mp3
Lang: Eng

Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets-8CD-Audiobook-1999
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets-AUDIOBOOK-UK-1998
Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows-17CD-Audiobook-2007
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-AUDIOBOOK-UK-2007
Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire-17CD-Audiobook-2000
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire-AUDIOBOOK-UK-2000
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince-AUDIOBOOK-UK-2005
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix-AUDIOBOOK-UK-2003
Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone-AUDIOBOOK-UK-1997
Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban-10CD-Audiobook-2000
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban-AUDIOBOOK-UK-1999
Harry Potter And The Sorcerers Stone-7CD-Audiobook-1999
NYT Best Sellers Pack

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Type: PDF
1-Daughter of Smoke & Bone
11_22_63 - Stephen King
11_22_63_ A Novel - Stephen King
1Q84 - Haruki Murakami
2-Days of Blood & Starlight
A Beautiful Wedding_ A Novella - Jamie McGuire
A Christmas Carol, the Chimes & the Cric
A Clash of Kings - George R. R. Martin
A Dance With Dragons - George RR Martin
A Feast for Crows - George R. R. Martin
A Fighting Chance - Warren_ Elizabeth
A Game Of Thrones - George R. R. Martin
A Game of Thrones Enhanced Edit - George R R Martin
A Game of Thrones Enhanced Edition - George R R Martin
A HIGHER CALL - Adam Makos
A Land More Kind Than Home - Wiley Cash
A Sudden Change of Heart
A Sweet Life-kindle - Andre_ Bella
A Wild Sheep Chase
A. Meredith Walters - Find You In The Dark 01 - Find You in the Dark
A. Meredith Walters - Find You In The Dark 01.5 - Cloud Walking
A. Meredith Walters - Find You In The Dark 02 - Light in the Shadows
A. S. A. Harrison - The Silent Wife
A. Scott Berg - Wilson
Abbi Glines - - Twisted Perfection
Abbi Glines - Fallen Too Far
Abbi Glines - Perfection 02 - Simple Perfection
Abbi Glines - Too Far 01 - Fallen Too Far
Abbi Glines - Too Far 02 - Never Too Far
Abbi Glines - Too Far 03 - Forever Too Far
About Last Night_ A Loveswept Contempora - Ruthie Knox
Accused - Lisa Scottoline
Ace Atkins - Wonderland
Adriana Hunter - Rockstar Romance Boxed Set
Adriana Trigiani - The Shoemaker's Wife
After Dead - Charlaine Harris
After the Quake Stories
After the Storm - Maya Banks
Aftershock - Sylvia Day
Aleatha Romig - Consequences 01 - Consequences
Aleatha Romig - Consequences 02 - Truth
Aleatha Romig - Consequences 03 - Convicted
Alice McDermott - Someone
All A Heart Needs - Barbara Freethy
All the Light We Cannot See_ A - Anthony Doerr
All You Need Is Love - Marie Force
Allison Brennan - Lucy Kincaid 05.5 - Reckless
Alpha - Jasinda Wilder
Amanda Knox - Waiting to Be Heard
Amanda Lindhout - A House in the Sky
Amanda Quick - Ladies of Lantern Street 01 - Crystal Gardens
Amanda Quick - Ladies of Lantern Street 02 - The Mystery Woman
Amanda Ripley - The Smartest Kids in the World
American Gods_ The Tenth Anniversary Edi - Neil Gaiman
American Guerrilla - Mike Guardia
Amy Harmon - A Different Blue
Angel's Rest_ An Eternity Springs Novel - Emily March
Angels at Christmas
Angels at the Table
Ann Patchett - The Magician's Assistant
Ann Patchett - This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage
Ann Rule - Practice to Deceive
Anne Rice - Wolf Gift, The (v)
Anne Sebba - That Woman_ The Life of Wallis_sor (v)
Anne Tyler - The Beginner's Goodbye (v5.0)
Anton Disclafani - The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls
Archangel's Legion - Nalini Singh
Arctic Drift - Clive Cussler
ARGO - Antonio Mendez
Argo_ How the CIA and Hollywood Pulled
Artie Lange - Crash and Burn
Assassin - Tom Cain
Atlantis Found - Clive Cussler
Ayana Mathis - Twelve Tribes of Hattie, The
Back to Blood - Tom Wolfe
Barbara Freethy - - Don't Say a Word
Barbara Freethy - Silent Run
Barbara Freethy - Summer Secrets
Barbara Freethy - Sweetest Thing, The (v)
Barbara Kingsolver - The Poisonwood Bible
Bared to You - Sylvia Day
Be Careful What You Wish For - Jeffrey Archer
Be with Me - J. Lynn
Beatriz Williams - A Hundred Summers
Beautiful Beginning - Christina Lauren
Beautiful Player - Christina Lauren
Beautiful Ruins - Jess Walter
Becoming Sister Wives
Before Jamaica Lane - Samantha Young
Behind the Beautiful Forevers_ - Katherine Boo
Bella Andre - Sullivans 08 - Always on My Mind
Bella Andre - Sullivans 09 - The Way You Look Tonight
Ben Carson, M. D. - America the Beautiful
Bender (The Core Four Series) - Stacy Borel
Benjamin Franklin
Bernard Cornwell - 1356
Between Sisters - Kristin Hannah
BEYOND BELIEF - Jenna Miscavige Hill
Big Sky Secrets - Linda Lael Miller
Bill Bryson - One Summer_ America 1927
Bill Dedman - Empty Mansions
Bill O'Reilly & Martin Dugard - Killing Jesus
Bill O'Reilly & Martin Dugard - Killing Lincoln (v5.0)
Bill O_Reilly - Killing Kennedy
Billionaire Bad Boys of Romance - Tawny Taylor
Billy Crystal - Still Foolin' 'Em
Bitter Brew
Black Box - Cassia Leo
Black Irish_ A Novel - Stephan Talty
Black Wind - Clive Cussler
Blackberry Pie Murder - Joanne Fluke
Blackberry Winter - Sarah Jio
Blaine Harden - Escape From Camp 14 (v5.0)
Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman
Blindsided - Fern Michaels
Blossom Street Brides - Debbie Macomber
Bone Deep - Randy Wayne White
Brad Meltzer - History Decoded
Brad Stone - The Everything Store
Brad Taylor - Pike Logan 03 - Enemy of Mine
Brad Taylor - Pike Logan 04 - The Widow's Strike
Brad Thor - Hidden Order
Brian Jay Jones - Jim Henson
Brian Kilmeade - George Washington's Secret Six
Bridge to Haven - Francine Rivers
Bridget Jones_ Mad About the Bo - Helen Fielding
Broken - Kelly Elliott
Bullseye_ An Original Will Robie _ Camel - David Baldacci
Burning Dawn - Gena Showalter
C. J. Box - Cody Hoyt 01 - Back of Beyond
C. J. Box - Cody Hoyt 02 - The Highway
C. J. Box - Joe Pickett 13 - Breaking Point
Candlelight Christmas - Susan Wiggs
Capital in the Twenty-First Century - Thomas Piketty
Carey Heywood - Him
Carl Hiaasen - Bad Monkey
Carly Phillips - Truly Madly Deeply Boxed Set
Carnal Curiosity - Stuart Woods
Carol Burnett - Carrie and Me
Carver - Tom Cain
Cassia Leo - Shattered Hearts 01 - Relentless
Cassia Leo - Shattered Hearts 02 - Pieces of You
Cassia Leo - Shattered Hearts 03 - Bring Me Home
Cat Johnson - Educating Ansley
Catherine Coulter - Bombshell
Charlaine Harris - Sookie Stackhouse 13 - Dead Ever After
Charles Krauthammer - Things That Matter
Charles Murray - Coming Apart (v)
Cherished - Kelly Elliott
Cheryl_ My Story - Cheryl Cole
Chestnut Street - Maeve Binchy
Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder - Joanne Fluke
Chris Bohjalian - The Light in the Ruins
Chris Hadfield - An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth
Chris Matthews - Tip and the Gipper
Christina Baker Kline - Orphan Train
Christina Lauren - Beautiful Bastard 02.5 - Beautiful Bombshell
Christina Lauren - Beautiful Bastard
Christina Lauren - Beautiful Bitch
Christina Lauren - Beautiful Stranger
Christine Feehan - Dark 24 - Dark Lycan
Christine Feehan - Leopard People 06 - Leopard's Prey
Christopher Lascelles - A Short History of the World
Christopher Moore - Sacre Bleu_ A Comedy D'Art (v5.0)
Christopher Reich - Numbered Account
Chuck Palahniuk - Damned Trilogy 01 - Damned
Chuck Palahniuk - Damned Trilogy 02 - Doomed
City of Darkness
City of Light
Claire Messud - The Woman Upstairs
Clifford Irving - JAILING
Clive Cussler - Fargo 05 - The Mayan Secrets
Clive Cussler - Isaac Bell 06 - The Striker
Clive Cussler - The Numa Files 09 - Zero Hour
Cockroaches_ The Second Inspector Harry - Jo Nesbo
Colleen Hoover - Hopeless 01 - Hopeless
Colleen Hoover - Slammed 01 - Slammed
Colleen Hoover - Slammed 02 - Point of Retreat
Colleen Hoover - Slammed 03 - This Girl
Colters' Gift - Maya Banks
Colum McCann - TransAtlantic
Command Authority - Tom Clancy
Concealed in Death - J. D. Robb
Conform_ Exposing the Truth About Common - Glenn Beck
COOLIDGE - Amity Shlaes
Cora Carmack - Losing It 01 - Losing It
Cora Carmack - Losing It 01.5 - Keeping Her
Cora Carmack - Losing It 02 - Faking It
Corey Feldman - Coreyography
Courtney Cole - If You Stay
Craig Johnson - A Serpent's Tooth
Crashed - K. Bromberg
Crescent Dawn - Clive Cussler
Crimes of Paris_ A True Story of Murder, Theft
Cross My Heart - James Patterson
Cult of Osiris
Curtis Sittenfeld - Sisterland
Cyclops - Clive Cussler
DAMN FEW - Rorke Denver
Dan Brown - Inferno
Dangerous Secrets - Lisa Renee Jones
Daniel Goleman - Focus
Daniel Kahneman - Thinking, Fast and Slow (v5.0)
Daniel Silva - Gabriel Allon 13 - The English Girl
Danielle Steel - 44 Charles Street (v)
Danielle Steel - Betrayal (v3.0)
Danielle Steel - First Sight
Danielle Steel - Pure Joy
Danielle Steel - Until the End of Time
Darcie Chan - The Mill River Recluse
Darcy O'Brien - Murder in Little Egypt
Dare Me - Megan Abbott
Dark Nights - Christine Feehan
Dark Places_ A Novel - Gillian Flynn
Dark Witch - Nora Roberts
Dark Wolf - Christine Feehan
Daron Acemoglu & James Robinson - Why Nations Fail_ The Origins _rty (v5.0)
David Baldacci - John Puller 02 - The Forgotten
David Baldacci - Will Robie 01 - The Innocent
David Baldacci - Will Robie 02 - The Hit
David Baldacci - Zero Day (v5.0)
David Copperfield - Charles Dickens
David Epstein - The Sports Gene
David Morrell - Murder as a Fine Art
David Perlmutter - Grain Brain
David Sedaris - Let's Explore Diabetes With Owls
David Shields - Salinger
Deadly Dozen_ 12 Mysteries_Thrillers - Diane Capri
Dean Koontz - Odd Thomas 06 - Deeply Odd
Dear Life - Alice Munro
Debbie Macomber - Heartsong
Debbie Macomber - Lost and Found in Cedar Cove
Debbie Macomber - Rose Harbor 01 - The Inn at Rose Harbor
Debbie Macomber - Rose Harbor 02 - Rose Harbor in Bloom
Debbie Macomber - Starlight
Debbie Macomber - Starry Night
Debbie Macomber - Starting Now
Deborah Crombie - Duncan Kincaid & Gemma James 15 - The Sound of Broken
Deborah Feldman - Unorthodox (v)
Deceiving Lies - Molly McAdams
Deep Six - Clive Cussler
Deep Storm - Lincoln Child
Demons and Druids
DETROIT - Charlie LeDuff
Diane Mott Davidson - Goldy Bear Culinary Mystery 17 - The Whole Enchilada
Diane Ravitch - Reign of Error
Dictator - Tom Cain
Doctor Sleep_ A Novel - Stephen King
Doing Hard Time - Stuart Woods
Doris Kearns Goodwin - The Bully Pulpit
Dorothea Benton Frank - The Last Original Wife
Down to You - M Leighton
Dragon - Clive Cussler
DRIFT - Rachel Maddow
Duff McDonald - The Firm
Dust - Patricia Cornwell
E L James - Fifty Shades of Grey (v)
Edna O'Brien - Country Girl
Edward Rutherfurd - - Paris_ The Novel
Elin Hilderbrand - Beautiful Day
Elisabeth Naughton & Alexandra Ivy & CKatie Reus & Joan Swan - Wicked Firsts
Elisabeth Naughton - Wait for Me
Eliza Gayle - Tucker's Fall
Elizabeth Gilbert - The Signature of All Things
Elizabeth Haynes - Into the Darkest Corner
Elizabeth Smart - My Story
Elizabeth Strout - The Burgess Boys
Eloisa James - With This Kiss_ Part One
Eloisa James - With This Kiss_ Part Three
Eloisa James - With This Kiss_ Part Two
Elsewhere_ A Memoir - Richard Russo
Emma Chase - Tangled
Empire of Gold
Eric Metaxas - Bonhoeffer
Eric Schlosser - Command and Control
Erik Larson - In the Garden of Beasts_ Love,_lin (v5.0)
Etched in Sand - Regina Calcaterra
Eve Carter - Breathless (Jesse)
Evening Stars - Susan Mallery
Everybody's Got Something - Roberts_ Robin
Exposed to You - Bethany Kane
Falling Angel - Tracy Chevalier
Falling for a Stranger - Barbara Freethy
Fannie Flagg - Elmwood Springs 01 - Welcome to the World, Baby Girl!
Fated Mates_ The Alpha Shifter Boxed Set - Adriana Hunter
Faye Kellerman - Decker & Lazarus 21 - The Beast
Fear Nothing - Lisa Gardner
Feral Heat_ Shifters Unbound Novella - Jennifer Ashley
Fern Michaels - Godmothers 01 - The Scoop
Fern Michaels - Godmothers 02 - Exclusive
Fern Michaels - Godmothers 03 - Late Edition
Fern Michaels - Godmothers 04 - Deadline
Fern Michaels - Godmothers 05 - Breaking News
Fern Michaels - Gotcha!
Field of Prey - John Sandford
Fifteen Minutes - Karen Kingsbury
Fifty Shades Darker - E. L. James
Fifty Shades Freed - E. L. James
Fifty Shades of Grey - E L James
Fifty Shades of Grey - E. L. James
Fifty Shades Trilogy 02 - Fifty - E L James
Fifty Shades Trilogy 03 - Fifty - E L James
Fighting to Forget - J.B. Salsbury
Final Vow - Kathleen Brooks
Finding Me_ A Decade of Darkness, a Life - Michelle Knight
First Love - James Patterson
Flash Boys_ A Wall Street Revolt - Lewis_ Michael
Flight Behavior - Barbara Kingsolver
Flood Tide - Clive Cussler
Flowers in the Attic - V. C. Andrews
Flynn, Vince - Kill Shot (v)
Forever Us - Sandi Lynn
Forever With You - Laurelin Paige
Frederick Forsyth - The Kill List
Friends--And Then Some - Debbie Macomber
Gabriel's Redemption - Sylvain Reynard
Gail McHugh - Collide 01 - Collide
Gail McHugh - Collide 02 - Pulse
Game Over
Gardner, Lisa - Catch Me (v)
Gena Showalter - The Darkest Craving
George R. R. Martin - [A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE 03] - A Storm of Swords (v5.0)
George R. R. Martin - [A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE 05] - A Dance With Dragons
George Saunders - Tenth of December_ Stories
Georgia Cates - Beauty 01 - Beauty from Pain
Georgia Cates - Beauty 02 - Beauty from Surrender
Gilbert King - Devil in the Grove
Gillian Flynn - Gone Girl (v5)
Girl Missing - Tess Gerritsen
Give in to Me - K. M. Scott
Glenn Beck - Control
Glenn Beck - Overton 01 - The Overton Window
Glenn Beck - Overton 02 - The Eye of Moloch
Glennon Melton - Carry On, Warrior
Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn
Gone Girl_ A Novel - Gillian Flynn
Gordon Thomas - Enola Gay
Greatest Generation - Tom Brokaw
Gregory Maguire - Wicked
H. M. Ward - Arrangement 01 - The Arrangement
H. M. Ward - Arrangement 02 - The Arrangement 2
H. M. Ward - Arrangement 03 - The Arrangement 3
H. M. Ward - Arrangement 04 - The Arrangement 4
H. M. Ward - Arrangement 05 - The Arrangement 5
H. M. Ward - Arrangement 06 - The Arrangement 6
H. M. Ward - Arrangement 07 - The Arrangement 7
H. M. Ward - Arrangement 10 - The Arrangement 10
H. M. Ward - Damaged 2
H. M. Ward - Damaged
H. M. Ward - The Arrangement 8
H. M. Ward - The Arrangement 9
H. M. Ward - The Ferro Family 01 - Stripped
Hallucinations - Oliver Sacks
Hank Haney - The Big Miss_ My Years Coachin_ods (v4.0)
Hard as You Can - Laura Kaye
Harlan Coben - Six Years
Harlan Coben - Stay Close (v5.0)
Hazardous Duty - W. E. B. Griffin
Hear the Wind Sing
Heather Lende - If You Lived Here, I'd Know Your Name
Heaven Is for Real_ A Little Boy's Astou - Todd Burpo
Hello, Gorgeous_ Becoming Barbra Streisa - William J. Mann
Henry Bushkin - Johnny Carson
Her Forbidden Hero
Her Mother's Hope - Francine Rivers
Here Come the Black Helicopters
Herman Koch - The Dinner
Hidden Treasure - Melody Anne
Holidays With the Walker Brothe - Nicole Edwards
Home to Seaview Key - Sherryl Woods
Honor 01 - Honor Student
Honor 02 - Honor Thy Teacher
Hopeless - Hoover, Colleen
Hostage - Kay Hooper
Hot Secrets - Lisa Renee Jones
House to Let - Charles Dickens
Howard G Buffett - 40 Chances
Hugh Howey - Silo 01 - 05 - Wool Omnibus Edition (Wool 1 - 5)
Hugh Howey - Silo 06 - 08 - Shift Omnibus (Shift 1 - 3)
Hugh Howey - Silo 09 - Dust
Hugh Howey - Wool Omnibus Edition
I've Got You Under My Skin - Mary Higgins Clark
Iced - Karen Marie Moning
Identical - Scott Turow
Ilona Andrews - Magic Rises
Inca Gold - Clive Cussler
Inferno - Dan Brown
Inferno_ A Novel - Dan Brown
Innocence_ A Novel - Dean Koontz
Into the Darkest Corner
Into the Fire A Firsthand Account of the
Irene Zabytko - The Sky Unwashed
Iris Johansen - Eve Duncan Trilogy 01 - Taking Eve
Iris Johansen - Eve Duncan Trilogy 02 - Hunting Eve
Iris Johansen - Eve Duncan Trilogy 03 - Silencing Eve
Iris Johansen - Taking Eve
Iron Curtain_ The Crushing of Eastern Eu - Anne Applebaum
Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me
Is This Tomorrow_ A Novel - Caroline Leavitt
It Must Be Your Love - Bella Andre
J .a. Redmerski - The Edge of Never
J. A. Jance - J.P. Beaumont 21 - Second Watch
J. C. Reed - Surrender Your Love 02 - Conquer Your Love
J. C. Reed - Surrender Your Love
J. D. Robb, et al - Mirror, Mirror
J. Kenner - Stark Trilogy 01 - Release Me
J. Kenner - Stark Trilogy 02 - Claim Me
J. Kenner - Stark Trilogy 03 - Complete Me
J. Lynn - Frigid
J. Lynn - Wait for You
J. R. Ward - Fallen Angels 05 - Possession
J. R. Ward - Lover at Last - Black Dagger Brotherhood 11
J. R. Ward - [BLACK DAGGER BROTHERHOOD 10] - Lover Reborn (v5.0)
J. S. Cooper - Forever Love 01 - The Last Boyfriend
J. S. Scott - - The Billionaire's Obsession 01 - Mine for Tonight
J. S. Scott - - The Billionaire's Obsession 02 - Mine for Now
J. S. Scott - - The Billionaire's Obsession 03 - Mine Forever
J.D. Robb - Eve Dallas 45 - Calculated in Death
Jaci Burton - Play by Play 05 - Thrown By A Curve
Jack Reacher 18 - Never Go Back - Child_ Lee
Jack Reacher's Rules - Lee Child
Jackie Collins - The Power Trip
Jackie Hance & Janice Kaplan - I'll See You Again
Jagged - Kristen Ashley
James Lee Burke - Light of the World
James Patterson - AC20 - Alex Cross, Run
James Patterson - Gone
James Patterson - Guilty Wives (v4.0)
James Patterson - Honeymoon 01 - Honeymoon
James Patterson - Honeymoon 02 - Second Honeymoon
James Patterson - Mistress
James Patterson - Private 04 - Private Berlin
James Patterson - Private London
James Patterson - Women's Murder Club 12 - 12th of Never
James Rollins - Order of the Sanguines 01 - The Blood Gospel
James Rollins - Sigma Force 09 - The Eye of God
Jamie Ford - Songs of Willow Frost
Jamie McGuire - Beautiful 01 - Beautiful Disaster
Jamie McGuire - Beautiful 02 - Walking Disaster
Jana DeLeon & Others - To Die For
Jane Green - Family Pictures
Jane Velez-Mitchell - Exposed_ The Secret Life of Jodi Arias
Janet Evanovich - Fox & O_Hare .50 - Pros and Cons_ A Short Story
Janet Evanovich - Fox & O_Hare 01 - The Heist
Janet Evanovich - Pros and Cons_ A Short Story
Janet Evanovich - Stephanie Plum 19 - Notorious Nineteen
Janet Evanovich - The Husband List
Jasinda Wilder - Falling Into You
Jasinda Wilder - Stripped
Jason Mott - The Returned
Jay Crownover - Marked Men 01 - Rule
Jay Crownover - Marked Men 02 - Jet
Jaycee Dugard - A Stolen Life
Jayne Ann Krentz - Dark Legacy 02 - Dream Eyes
Jayne Castle - Rainshadow 01 - Canyons of Night
Jayne Castle - Rainshadow 02 - The Lost Night
Jayne Castle - Rainshadow 03 - Deception Cove
Jean Hanff Korelitz - Admission
Jean Sasson - Princess
Jeaniene Frost - Night Prince 01 - Once Burned
Jeaniene Frost - Night Prince 02 - Twice Tempted
Jeannette Walls - The Silver Star
Jeff Benedict - The System
Jefferson Bass - Body Farm 01 - Carved in Bone
Jefferson Bethke - Jesus _ Religion
Jeffery Deaver - The Kill Room
Jeffery Deaver - The October List
Jeffrey Archer - Clifton Chronicles 01 - Only Time Will Tell
Jeffrey Archer - Clifton Chronicles 02 - The Sins of the Father
Jeffrey Archer - Clifton Chronicles 03 - Best Kept Secret
Jen McLaughlin - Out Of Line
Jennifer Ashley - Lone Wolf
Jennifer Probst - Marriage to a Billionaire 01 - The Marriage Bargain
Jennifer Probst - Marriage to a Billionaire 02 - The Marriage Trap
Jennifer Probst - Marriage to a Billionaire 03 - The Marriage Mistake
Jennifer Probst - Marriage to a Billionaire 04 - The Marriage Merger
Jennifer Probst - The Marriage Bargain (v4.0)
Jennifer Worth - Farewell to the East End
Jennifer Worth - Shadows of the Workhouse
Jerry Oppenheimer - Crazy Rich
Jessica Sorensen - Coincidence 01 - The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden
Jessica Sorensen - Coincidence 02 - The Redemption of Callie and Kayden
Jessica Sorensen - Coincidence of Callie and Kayden, The
Jessica Sorensen - Nova 01 - Breaking Nova
Jessica Sorensen - Secret 01 - The Secret of Ella and Micha
Jessica Sorensen - Secret 02 - The Forever of Ella and Micha
Jessica Sorensen - Shattered Promises
Jhumpa Lahiri - The Lowland
Jill Shalvis - Lucky Harbor 08 - Always on My Mind
Jim Gaffigan - Dad Is Fat
Jo Nesbo - The Bat
Jodi Ellen Malpas - This Man 01 - This Man
Jodi Ellen Malpas - This Man 02 - Beneath This Man
Jodi Ellen Malpas - This Man 03 - This Man Confessed
Jodi Picoult - Keeping Faith
Jodi Picoult - Pact, The (v)
Jodi Picoult - The Storyteller
Jodi Picoult - [12 02] - Lone Wolf_ A Novel (v5.0)
Joe Hill - NOS4A2
John Bradshaw - Cat Sense
John Corey 01 - Plum Island
John Corey 02 - The Lion's Game
John Corey 03 - Night Fall
John Corey 04 - Wild Fire
John Corey 05 - The Lion
John Corey 06 - The Panther
John Grisham - The Litigators (v5.0)
John Irving - A Prayer for Owen Meany
John Irving - The Cider House Rules
John le Carr‚ - A Delicate Truth
John Sandford - Lucas Davenport 23 - Silken Prey
Jojo Moyes - Me Before You
Jonah Berger - Contagious
Jonah Lehrer - Imagine_ How Creativity Works (v5.0)
Jonathan Kellerman - Alex Delaware 28 - Guilt
Jonathan Safran Foer - Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (v5.0)
Jonathan Santlofer & Various Authors - Inherit the Dead
Jordan Belfort - The Wolf of Wall Street
Joyce Carol Oates - The Accursed
Joyce Milton - Loss of Eden
Judith Merkle Riley - The Oracle Glass
Julia Quinn - The Bridgertons_ Happily Ever After
Julie Garwood - Hotshot
Just One Evil Act - Elizabeth George
Just to Be With You_ The Sullivans - Bella Andre
K. A. Robinson - Twisted
Kaitlyn Cross - Fate Interrupted 2
Kaitlyn Cross - Fate Interrupted
Kaleidoscope - Kristen Ashley
Karen Kingsbury - The Chance
Karen White - - The Beach Trees
Karin Slaughter - Will Trent 08 - Unseen
Kat Martin - Raines of Wind Canyon 09 - Against the Mark
Kate Atkinson - Jackson Brodie 01 - Case Histories
Kate Atkinson - Jackson Brodie 02 - One Good Turn
Kate Atkinson - Jackson Brodie 03 - When Will There Be Good News
Kate Atkinson - Jackson Brodie 04 - Started Early, Took My Dog
Kate Atkinson - Life After Life
Kate Kerrigan - Ellis Island
Kathleen Brooks - Secrets Collide
Kathryn Stockett - The Help (v5.0)
Kathy Reichs - Bones Are Forever
Kathy Reichs - Temperance Brennan 16 - Bones of the Lost
Katie Ashley - Music of the Heart
Katy Evans - Real
Keep Quiet - Scottoline_ Lisa
Kelsie Leverich - The Valentine's Arrangement
Ken Sharp - Nothin' to Lose
Kerrelyn Sparks - The Vampire With the Dragon Tattoo
Kevin Machell - Cast No Stones
Khaled Hosseini - And the Mountains Echoed
Killer_ An Alex Delaware Novel - Jonathan Kellerman
Killing Floor - Lee Child
Kim & Krickitt Carpenter & Dana Wilkerson - Vow, The (v)
Kim Karr - Connections 01 - Connected
Kim Karr - Connections 02 - Torn
King and Maxwell - David Baldacci
Kiss Heaven Goodbye
Kresley Cole - MacRieve
Kristen Ashley - Own the Wind
Kristen Ashley - Rock Chick 01 - Rock Chick
Kristen Ashley - Rock Chick 02 - Rock Chick Rescue
Kristen Ashley - Rock Chick 03 - Rock Chick Redemption
Kristen Ashley - Rock Chick 04 - Rock Chick Renegade
Kristen Ashley - Rock Chick 05 - Rock Chick Revenge
Kristen Ashley - Rock Chick 06 - Rock Chick Reckoning
Kristen Ashley - Rock Chick 07 - Rock Chick Regret
Kristen Ashley - Rock Chick 08 - Rock Chick Revolution
Kristin Hannah - - Fly Away
Kristin Hannah - Firefly Lane
Kristin Hannah - Home Front (v)
Kyra Davis - Just One Night 01 - The Stranger
Kyra Davis - Just One Night 02 - Exposed
Kyra Davis - Just One Night 03 - Binding Agreement
Labor Day - Joyce Maynard
Laine Crosby - Investigative Medium
Larry J. Sabato - The Kennedy Half-Century
Laurann Dohner - Moon
Laurell K. Hamilton - Anita Blake 22 - Affliction
Lauren Weisberger - Prada 01 - The Devil Wears Prada
Lauren Weisberger - Prada 02 - Revenge Wears Prada
Lean In - Sheryl Sandberg
Leave Me Breathless - Cherrie Lynn
Lee Child - Jack Reacher 17.5 - High Heat
Lee Child - Jack Reacher 18 - Never Go Back
Lee Child - The Affair_ A Reacher Novel (v5.0)
Lene Kaaberb_l - The Boy in the Suitcase
Letting Go - Maya Banks
Lexi Ryan - Unbreak Me
Liane Moriarty - The Husband_s Secret
Liane Moriarty - The Husband's Secret
Life of Pi - Yann Martel
Like a Mighty Army - David Weber
Lincoln - David Herbert Donald
Linda Fairstein - Alex Cooper 15 - Death Angel
Linda Lael Miller - Parable, Montana 04 - Big Sky Summer
Linda Lael Miller - Parable, Montana 05 - Big Sky Wedding
Linda Ronstadt - Simple Dreams
Lisa Gardner - Touch & Go
Lisa Jackson - Left to Die
Lisa Jackson - Montana To Die 01 - Left to Die
Lisa Jackson - Montana To Die 02 - Chosen To Die
Lisa Jackson - Montana To Die 03 - Born to Die
Lisa Jackson - Montana To Die 04 - Afraid to Die
Lisa Jackson - Montana To Die 05 - Ready to Die
Lisa Jackson - Savannah 01 - The Night Before
Lisa Jackson - Savannah 02 - The Morning After
Lisa Jackson - Savannah 03 - Tell Me
Lisa Lutz - [IZZY SPELLMAN MYSTERIES 01] - The Spellman Files (v4.0)
Lisa Renee Jones - Inside Out 01 - If I Were You
Lisa Renee Jones - Inside Out 02 - Being Me
Lisa Renee Jones - Inside Out 03 - Revealing Us
Lisa Renee Jones - One Night Forever
Lisa Scottoline - Don't Go
Little Girl Lost_ A Lucy Black Thriller - Brian McGilloway
Live to See Tomorrow - Iris Johansen
Lone Survivor_ The Eyewitness Account of - Marcus Luttrell adn Patrick
Long Hard Road Out of Hell - Marilyn Manson
Lori Foster - Love Undercover 01 - Run the Risk
Lori Foster - Love Undercover 02 - Bare It All
Lori Foster - Love Undercover 03 - Getting Rowdy
Lorilyn Roberts - Children of Dreams
LOSING IT - Cora Carmack
Lost at Sea - Jon Ronson
Lost Lake - Sarah Addison Allen
Louise Erdrich - The Round House
Louise Penny - Chief Inspector Gamache 09 - How the Light Gets In
Love Left Behind - S. H. Kolee
Lt Col Mark Weber - Tell My Sons
Lucia, Lucia - Adriana Trigiani
Lucky 7 Bad Boys Contemporary Romance Bo - Charity Pineiro
Lynda Page - Secrets to Keep
Lynsay Sands - Argeneau 19 - One Lucky Vampire
M. Leighton - The Bad Boys 01 - Down to You
M. Leighton - The Bad Boys 02 - Up to Me
M. Leighton - The Bad Boys 03 - Everything for Us
M. Leighton - Twisted 01 - Until I Break
Mad About the Boy - Helen Fielding
Maeve Binchy - A Week in Winter
Make Me_ Twelve Tales of Dark Desire - Skye Warren
Makeup to Breakup_ My Life in and Out of - Peter Criss
Malala Yousafzai - I Am Malala
Malcolm Gladwell - David and Goliath
Mara Jacobs - Worth 01 - Worth the Weight
Mara Jacobs - Worth 02 - Worth the Drive
Mara Jacobs - Worth 03 - Worth the Fall
Margaret Atwood - MaddAddam 01 - Oryx and Crake
Margaret Atwood - MaddAddam 02 - The Year of the Flood
Margaret Atwood - MaddAddam 03 - MaddAddam
Marie Force - McCarthys of Gansett Island 08 - Waiting for Love
Marie Force - Time for Love
Mario Livio - Brilliant Blunders
Marisha Pessl - Night Film
Mark Fainaru-Wada - League of Denial
Mark Halperin - Double Down
Mark Halperin - Game Change
Mark R. Levin - Ameritopia_ The Unmaking of Am_ica (v5.0)
Mark R. Levin - The Liberty Amendments
Mark Stein - How the States Got Their Shapes Too
Marvin J. Wolf - Family Blood
Mary Balogh - Survivor's Club 01 - The Proposal
Mary Balogh - Survivor's Club 01.5 - The Suitor
Mary Balogh - Survivor's Club 02 - The Arrangement
Mary Higgins Clark - Daddy's Gone a Hunting
Mary Higgins Clark - I'll Walk Alone (v5.0)
Mary Higgins Clark - The Lost Years (v5.0)
Mary Kay Andrews - Ladies' Night
Matthew Quick - The Silver Linings Playbook
Max Hastings - Catastrophe 1914_ Europe Goes to War
Max, Tucker - Hilarity Ensues (v)
Maya Angelou - Mom & Me & Mom
Maya Banks - Breathless 01 - Rush
Maya Banks - Breathless 03 - Burn
Maya Banks - Fever
Maya Banks - Highlander Most Wanted
Maya Banks - Kelly_KGI 07 - Forged in Steele
Maya Cross - Alpha Group 01 - Locked
Maya Cross - Alpha Group 02 - Lockout
Maya Cross - Alpha Group 03 - Unlocked
Maybe Someday - Colleen Hoover
Me Before You - Moyes_ Jojo
Me Before You_ A Novel - Jojo Moyes
Meant for Love - Marie Force
Meg Waite Clayton - The Wednesday Sisters
Meg Wolitzer - The Interestings
Melody Anne - Surrender 01 - Surrender
Melody Anne - Surrender 02 - Submit
Melody Anne - Surrender 03 - Seduced
Melting the Ice - Jaci Burton
Mercedes Lackey - Collegium Chronicles 01 - Foundation
Mercedes Lackey - Collegium Chronicles 02 - Intrigues
Mercedes Lackey - Collegium Chronicles 03 - Changes
Mercedes Lackey - Collegium Chronicles 04 - Redoubt
Mercedes Lackey - Collegium Chronicles 05 - Bastion
Merry Christmas, Alex Cross - James Patterson
Michael Brandman - Jesse Stone 12 - Robert B. Parker's Damned if You Do
Michael Connelly - Harry Bosch 18 - The Black Box
Michael Connelly - Mickey Haller 01 - The Lincoln Lawyer
Michael Hingson - Thunder Dog
Michael Pollan - Cooked_ A Natural History of Transformation
Michael Robotham - Say You're Sorry
Michelle A. Valentine - Black Falcon 01 - Rock the Heart
Michelle A. Valentine - Black Falcon 01.5 - Rock the Band
Michelle A. Valentine - Black Falcon 02 - Rock My Bed
Mika Brzezinski - Obsessed
Miklos Nyiszli - Auschwitz_ A Doctor's Eyewitne_unt (v5.0)
Mimi Alford - Once Upon a Secret- My Affair _ath (v)
Mindy Weisel - Daughters of Absence
Mine - Katy Evans
Mirage - Clive Cussler
Missing You - Harlan Coben
Molly McAdams - Taking Chances 01 - Taking Chances
Molly McAdams - Taking Chances 02 - Stealing Harper
Monica Murphy - One Week Girlfriend
Monica Murphy - Second Chance Boyfriend
Moon 01 - Moon Awakening
Moon 02 - Moon Craving
Moon 03 - Moon Burning
Moon 04 - Dragon's Moon
Moving Target - J. A. Jance
Mud Vein - Tarryn Fisher
MY BELOVED WORLD - Sonia Sotomayor
Nadia Bolz-Weber - Pastrix
Naked in Death - J. D. Robb
Nalini Singh - Wild Invitation_ A Psy_Changeling Anthology
Nancy Bush - Nowhere to Run
Naoki Higashida - The Reason I Jump
Nash - Jay Crownover
Natchez Burning - Greg Iles
Nate Jackson - Slow Getting Up
Nathaniel Philbrick - Bunker Hill
Neil Gaiman - - American Gods
Neil Gaiman - Neverwhere (v)
Neil Gaiman - The Ocean at the End of the Lane
Nelson Demille - The Quest
Never Go Back_ A Jack Reacher N - Lee Child
Never Go Back_ A Jack Reacher Novel - Lee Child
Nicholas Sparks - Safe Haven
Nicholas Sparks - The Best of Me (v5.0)
Nicholas Sparks - The Longest Ride
Nicholas Sparks - The Lucky One (v5.0)
Nichole Chase - Suddenly Royal
Nick Bilton - Hatching Twitter
Nick Carter - Facing the Music
Nick Offerman - Paddle Your Own Canoe
Nicole Williams - Lost and Found
Night After Night - Lauren Blakely
Night Broken - Patricia Briggs
Night Diver - Elizabeth Lowell
Night Probe!
Nina Blackwood & Martha Quinn & Gavin Edwards - VJ
NO EASY DAY - Mark Owen
No Good Duke Goes Unpunished - Sarah MacLean
No Place to Hide - Greenwald_ Glenn
No Survivors - Tom Cain
Noelle Adams & Judy Angelo & Samantha y Netzel & Ana E Ross - Loving the CEO
Nora Roberts - Chasing Fire (v5.0)
Nora Roberts - Storm Warning
Nora Roberts - Unfinished Business (v5.0)
Nora Roberts - Whiskey Beach
Norwegian Wood
NOS4A2_ A Novel - Joe Hill
Nova and Quinton_ No Regrets - Jessica Sorensen
NYPD Red - James Patterson
NYPD Red 2 - James Patterson
Oliver Twist - Charles Dickens
Olivia Cunning - One Night With Sole Regret 01 - Try Me
Olivia Cunning - One Night With Sole Regret 02 - Tempt Me
Olivia Cunning - Sinners on Tour 01 - Backstage Pass
Olivia Cunning - Sinners on Tour 02 - Rock Hard
Olivia Cunning - Sinners on Tour 03 - Hot Ticket
Olivia Cunning - Sinners on Tour 04 - Wicked Beat
Olivia Cunning - Sinners on Tour 05 - Double Time
On Dublin Street - Samantha Young
Once in a Lifetime - Jill Shalvis
One Last Strike
One More Thing_ Stories and Other Storie - B. J. Novak
One Night With a Hero
Only Time Will Tell - Jeffrey Archer
Operation Family Secrets
Orphan Train - Christina Baker Kline
Orson Scott Card - Ender's Game
Otherwise Engaged - Amanda Quick
Outlander_ With Bonus Content - Diana Gabaldon
P. D. James - A Mind to Murder
P. D. James - Death Comes to Pemberley (v5.0)
Pacific Vortex!
Paige Weaver - - Promise Me Darkness
Pamela Ann - Lily's Mistake
Pamela Druckerman - Bringing Up Bebe_ One American_ing (v)
Paris in Love A Memoir
Passage 2 - The Twelve
Pat Conroy - The Death of Santini
Patricia Briggs - Mercy Thompson 07 - Frost Burned
Patterson, James - Private Games (v)
Paulo Coelho - Manuscript Found in Accra
Pendergast 00 - Extraction
Perfect Murder, Perfect Town
Peter Baker - Days of Fire
Peter Schweizer - Extortion
Phil Robertson - Happy, Happy, Happy
Philip Shenon - A Cruel and Shocking Act
Philipp Meyer - The Son
Philippa Gregory - Cousins' War 05 - The White Princess
Plutocrats The Rise of the New Global Super-Rich - Chrystia Freeland
Police_ A Harry Hole thriller (Oslo Sequ - Nesbo, Jo
Poseidon's Arrow - Clive Cussler
Power Play_ A Novel - Danielle Steel
Private L.A_ - James Patterson
Private Lives - Tasmina Perry
PROOF OF HEAVEN - Eben Alexander
Proof of Heaven_ A Neurosurgeon's Journe - Alexander Eben, M. D_
Proof of Heaven_ A Neurosurgeon's Journey
Quiet - Susan Cain
Rachel Gibson - Lovett, Texas 01 - Crazy on You
Rachel Gibson - Lovett, Texas 02 - Rescue Me
Rachel Gibson - Lovett, Texas 03 - Run to You
Rachel Maddow - Drift_ The Unmooring of Americ_wer (v5.0)
Rachel van Dyken - Ruin
Rachel van Dyken - The Bet 02 - The Wager
Rachel Van Dyken - The Bet
Raine Miller - The Blackstone Affair 01 - Naked
Raine Miller - The Blackstone Affair 02 - All In
Raine Miller - The Blackstone Affair 03 - Eyes Wide Open
Raise the Titanic!
Raising Steam - Terry Pratchett
Rare and Precious Things - Raine Miller
Reaper's Legacy - Joanna Wylde
Reasonable Doubt - Whitney Gracia Williams
Reasonable Doubt 2 - Whitney Gracia Williams
Reaver - Larissa Ione
Rebecca Musser - The Witness Wore Red
Rebecca Skloot - The Immortal Life of Henrietta_cks (v5.0)
Reconstructing Amelia - Kimberly McCreight
Reed Albergotti - Wheelmen
Reflected in You - Sylvia Day
Regina Calcaterra - Etched in Sand
Remy - Katy Evans
Return to Atlantis
Rich Cohen - Monsters
Richard Dawkins - An Appetite for Wonder
Richard Paul Evans - A Step of Faith
Richard Phillips - A Captain's Duty
River Road - Jayne Ann Krentz
Robert Crais - Suspect
Robert Crais - [ELVIS COLE 15] - Taken (v)
Robert Galbraith - The Cuckoo's Calling
Robert Jordan - A Memory of Light
Robert K. Massie - Catherine the Great_ Portrait _man (v5.0)
Robert Kirkman - Governor Trilogy 01 - The Walking Dead_ Rise of the
Robert Kirkman - Governor Trilogy 02 - The Walking Dead_ The Road to
Robert Kirkman - Governor Trilogy 03 - The Walking Dead_ The Fall of the
Robin O'Bryant - Ketchup Is a Vegetable
Robyn Carr - Thunder Point 01 - The Wanderer
Robyn Carr - Thunder Point 02 - The Newcomer
Robyn Carr - Thunder Point 03 - The Hero
Rome_ A Marked Men Novel - Jay Crownover
Rosemarie Terenzio - Fairy Tale Interrupted (v)
Rule Breaker - Lora Leigh
Rumor Has It - Jill Shalvis
Ryan Winfield - Jane's Melody
S. C. Stephens - Thoughtless 01 - Thoughtless
S. C. Stephens - Thoughtless 02 - Effortless
S. C. Stephens - Thoughtless 03 - Reckless
S. J. Watson - Before I Go to Sleep
S. L. Jennings - Fear of Falling
Sahara - Clive Cussler
Sally Bedell Smith - Elizabeth the Queen_ The Life _rch (v5.0)
SALT SUGAR FAT - Michael Moss
Sam Neumann - Memoirs of a Gas Station
Samantha Shannon - The Bone Season
Samantha Young - Into the Deep
Samantha Young - On Dublin Street 01 - On Dublin Street
Samantha Young - On Dublin Street 02 - Down London Road
Sandi Lynn - Forever Black 01 - Forever Black
Sandi Lynn - Forever Black 02 - Forever You
Sandra Brown - Breath of Scandal
Sandra Brown - Deadline
Sandra Brown - Envy
Sandra Brown - Exclusive
Sandra Brown - French Silk
Sandra Brown - Mirror Image
Sandra Brown - Slow Heat in Heaven
Sandra Brown - The Witness
Sandra Edwards - Billionaire Games Boxed Set
Sarah Colonna - Life As I Blow It (v)
Sarah Dunant - Blood & Beauty
Saving Quinton - Jessica Sorensen
Scandalous Brides - Annette Blair
Scorched - Melody Anne
Scott Anderson - Lawrence in Arabia
Scott Lynch - Gentleman Bastard 01 - The Lies of Locke Lamora
Scott Lynch - Gentleman Bastard 02 - Red Seas Under Red Skies
Scott Lynch - Gentleman Bastard 03 - The Republic of Thieves
Scott Thorson - Behind the Candelabra
SEALs Of Summer_ Military Romance Superb - Hamilton_ Sharon
Secrets Exposed - Jones_ Lisa Renee
Seduced by a Pirate - Eloisa James
Selena Blake - Ask for It
Seth Grahame-Smith - Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter (v5.0)
Seven Years to Sin - Sylvia Day
Shadow Spell - Nora Roberts
Shanna Hogan - Picture Perfect
Shanora Williams - Hard to Resist
Shayla Black & Lexi Blake - Their Virgin Captive
Sheri Fink - Five Days at Memorial
Sherrilyn Kenyon - Dark-Hunter 23 - Styxx
Sherryl Woods - Ocean Breeze 01 - Sand Castle Bay
Sherryl Woods - Ocean Breeze 02 - Wind Chime Point
Sherryl Woods - Ocean Breeze 03 - Sea Glass Island
Sherryl Woods - Summer Garden, The (v)
Shock Wave - Clive Cussler
Si Robertson - Si-Cology 1
Silent Night_ A Spenser Holiday - Robert B. Parker
Silent No More_ Victim 1's Fight for Jus - Aaron Fisher
Simon Winchester - The Men Who United the States
Sixth Grave on the Edge - Darynda Jones
Sleep No More - Iris Johansen
Sniper's Honor - Stephen Hunter
Someone to Love - Addison Moore
Sons of Wichita _ How the Koch - Daniel Schulman
Sophie Kinsella - - Wedding Night
Sophie Kinsella - I've Got Your Number (v)
Staking His Claim (A Line of Duty Novel) - Bailey_ Tessa
Stalked - Allison Brennan
Standup Guy - Stuart Woods
Stella Bain - Anita Shreve
Stephanie Laurens - Cynster Sisters Duo 01 - And Then She Fell
Stephanie Laurens - Cynster Sisters Duo 02 - The Taming of Ryder Cavanaugh
Stephen Hawking - My Brief History
Stephen King - Joyland
Stephen King - The Shining 01 - The Shining
Stephen King - The Shining 02 - Doctor Sleep
Stephen King - Under the Dome
Stephenie Meyer - The Host
Steve Berry - Cotton Malone 08 - The King's Deception
Steven D. Levitt - Super Freakonomics
Stieg Larsson - [MILLENNIUM TRILOGY 01] - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Stieg Larsson - [MILLENNIUM TRILOGY 02] - The Girl Who Played with Fire
Stieg Larsson - [MILLENNIUM TRILOGY 03] - The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet_est
Still Life With Bread Crumbs_ A Novel - Anna Quindlen
Stone Cold - C. J. Box
Storm Front - John Sandford
Stress Test_ Reflections on Financial Cr - Timothy F. Geithner
Stuart Woods - Stone Barrington 25 - Collateral Damage
Stuart Woods - Unintended Consequences
Sue Eakin - Twelve Years a Slave
Sue Grafton - Kinsey Millhone 01 - A is for Alibi
Sue Grafton - Kinsey Millhone 02 - B Is for Burglar
Sue Grafton - Kinsey Millhone 23 - W Is for Wasted
SUM IT UP - Pat Summitt
Super Freakonomics
Susan Mallery - Blackberry Island 01 - Barefoot Season
Susan Mallery - Blackberry Island 02 - Three Sisters
Susan Mallery - Fool's Gold 11 - Just One Kiss
Susan Mallery - Fool's Gold 12 - Two of a Kind
Susan Mallery - Fool's Gold 13 - Three Little Words
Susan Mallery - Fool's Gold 14 - Christmas on 4th Street
Susan Mallery - Halfway There
Susan Wiggs - Bella Vista 01 - The Apple Orchard
Susanna Kearsley - The Shadowy Horses
Susannah Charleson - Scent of the Missing
Sweet Surrendering - Chelsea M. Cameron
Switchblade_ An Original Story - Michael Connelly
Sycamore Row - John Grisham
Sylvia Day - Afterburn
Sylvia Day - Crossfire 03 - Entwined With You
Taint - S.L. Jennings
Take a Chance - Abbi Glines
Take Me - J. Kenner
Takedown Twenty_ A Stephanie Pl - Janet Evanovich
Taken - Barbara Freethy
Tami Hoag - Kovac & Liska 01 - Ashes to Ashes
Tami Hoag - Kovac & Liska 02 - Dust to Dust
Tami Hoag - Kovac & Liska 03 - Prior Bad Acts
Tami Hoag - Kovac & Liska 04 - The 9th Girl
Tara Sue Me - Submissive Trilogy 01 - The Submissive
Tara Sue Me - Submissive Trilogy 02 - The Dominant
Tara Sue Me - Submissive Trilogy 03 - The Training
Tatiana - Martin Cruz Smith
Tea Obreht - The Tiger's Wife (v5.0)
Team of Rivals_ The Political Genius of - Doris Kearns Goodwin
Ted Kerasote - Merle's Door
Temple Grandin & Richard Panek - The Autistic Brain
Temple of the Gods
Terry Brooks - Dark Legacy of Shannara 01 - Wards of Faerie
Terry Brooks - Dark Legacy of Shannara 02 - Bloodfire Quest
Terry Brooks - The Dark Legacy of Shannara 03 - Witch Wraith
Terry Goodkind - Richard and Kahlan 01 - The Omen Machine
Terry Goodkind - Richard and Kahlan 02 - The Third Kingdom
Tess Oliver - Freefall
Texas Heroes_ Volume 1 - Jean Brashear
The Accident Man
The Alchemist - 10th Anniversary Edition - Paulo Coelho
The All-Girl Filling Station's - Fannie Flagg
The Arrangement 11 - H.M. Ward
The Arrangement 12_ The Ferro Family - H. M. Ward
The Arrangement 13 - H. M. Ward
The Arrangement 14 - H. M. Ward
The Auschwitz Escape - Joel C. Rosenberg
The Boleyn Inheritance - Philippa Gregory
The Bone Bed - Patricia Cornwell
The Bootlegger - Clive Cussler
The Boys in the Boat - Daniel James Brown
The Butt - Will Self
The Cairo Affair - Olen Steinhauer
The Chance - Robyn Carr
The Chase_ A Novel - Janet Evanovich
The Circle - Dave Eggers
The Closer - Mariano Rivera
The Collector - Nora Roberts
The Counterfeit Agent - Alex Berenson
The Covenant of Genesis
The Dangerous Days of
The Dead in Their Vaulted Arches_ A Flav - Alan Bradley
The Destiny of Violet & Luke - Jessica Sorensen
The Edge of Always - J. A. Redmerski
The Ever After of Ella and Micha - Jessica Sorensen
The Ex Games - J. S. Cooper
The Ex Games 2 - J. S. Cooper
The Ex Games 3 - J. S. Cooper
The First Phone Call From Heave - Mitch Albom
The First Phone Call from Heaven - Mitch Albom
The Fixed Trilogy_ Fixed on You, Found i - Laurelin Paige
The Forever War - Dexter Filkins
The Generals_ American Military Command From World War II to Today - Thomas
E. Ricks
The Girl Who Came Home - A Tita - Gaynor, Hazel
The Gods of Guilt - Michael Connelly
The Goldfinch - Donna Tartt
The Golem and the Jinni - Helene Wecker
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pi - Mary Ann Shaffer
The Hanging Judge - Michael Ponsor
The Harbinger - Jonathan Cahn
The Hit - David Baldacci
The House Girl - Tara Conklin
The Hunt for Atlantis
The Husband's Secret - Liane Moriarty
The Innocent - David Baldacci
The Invention of Wings_ With No - Sue Monk Kidd
The Invention of Wings_ With Notes - Sue Monk Kidd
The King - J.R. Ward
The Kitchen House - Kathleen Grissom
The Kite Runner - Khaled Hosseini
The Last Boyfriend
The Lincoln Myth_ A Novel - Steve Berry
The Longest Ride - Nicholas Sparks
The Lost Tycoon - Melody Anne
The Luminaries - Eleanor Catton
The Martian - Andy Weir
The Masterful Mr. Montague - Stephanie Laurens
The Mediterranean Caper
The Mystery of Edwin Drood - Charles Dickens
The Nazi Officer's Wife - Edith H. Beer
The Next Always
The Old Curiosity Shop - Charles Dickens
The One & Only_ A Novel - Emily Giffin
The Pagan Lord - Bernard Cornwell
The Passage - Justin Cronin
The Pearl - John Steinbeck
The Perfect Hope
The Perfect Match - Higgins, Kristan
The Polaris Protocol - Brad Taylor
THE POWER OF HABIT - Charles Duhigg
The Private Club 3 - J. S. Cooper
The Professional_ Part 3 - Kresley Cole
The Proposition 4_ The Ferro Family - H.M. Ward
The Racketeer - John Grisham
The Rosie Project - Graeme Simsion
The Round House - Louise Erdrich
The Sacred Vault
The Safe Man
The Secret Keeper - Kate Morton
The Secret of Ella and Micha
The Secret of Excalibur
The Serpent of Venice - Christopher Moore
The Shoemaker's Wife - Adriana Trigiani
The Sins of the Father - Jeffrey Archer
The Sins of the Mother - Danielle Steel
The Skin Collector - Jeffery Deaver
The Space Between_ An Outlander Novella - Diana Gabaldon
The Spirit of Steamboat - Craig Johnson
The Sum of All Kisses - Julia Quinn
The Supreme Macaroni Company_ A Novel - Adriana Trigiani
The Target - David Baldacci
The Temptation of Lila and Etha - Jessica Sorensen
The Tomb of Hercules
The Traitor's Wife - Allison Pataki
The Undead Pool - Kim Harrison
The Valley of Amazement - Amy Tan
The Walking Dead_ The Road to Woodbury
The Wedding Contract - H.M. Ward
The Will - Kristen Ashley
The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle
The Witch's Daughter - Paula Brackston
The Wolves of Midwinter - Anne Rice
The Wrong Billionaire's Bed - Jessica Clare
Their Virgin Secretary - Shayla Black
Think Like a Freak_ The Authors of Freak - Steven D. Levitt
Thomas T. Noguchi - Coroner
Thrive - Arianna Huffington
Tijan - Carter Reed
Tim Conway - What's So Funny_
Tim Tebow - Through My Eyes (v5.0)
Timothy Egan - The Worst Hard Time
Todd Burpo & Sonja Burpo & Lynn Vincaven Is for Real_ A Little B_ack (v5.0)
Tom Clancy - Jack Ryan Jr 04 - Threat Vector
Tori Spelling - Spelling It Like It Is
Toxic - Rachel van Dyken
Treasure - Clive Cussler
Treasure of Khan
Treasure Your Love - J. C. Reed
Treasure Your Love - Reed, J.C_
Trojan Odyssey - Clive Cussler
Trouble - Samantha Towle
Troy Denning - Crucible_ Star Wars
True - Laurann Dohner
Trust in Me_ A Novel - J. Lynn
Twelfth Imam 01 - The Twelfth Imam
Twelfth Imam 02 - The Tehran Initiative
Twelfth Imam 03 - Damascus Countdown
UNBROKEN - Laura Hillenbrand
Unbroken_ A World War II Story of Surviv - Hillenbrand_ Laura
Unlucky 13 - James Patterson
Unwritten Laws 01 - Natchez Bur - Greg Iles
Up From the Grave_ A Night Huntress Nove - Jeaniene Frost
Valhalla Rising - Clive Cussler
Vampire Most Wanted - Lynsay Sands
Vi Keeland - Worth the Fight
Vince Flynn - [MITCH RAPP 12] - Kill Shot (v5.0)
Violet Duke - Nice Girl To Love 01 - Resisting the Bad Boy
Violet Duke - Nice Girl To Love 02 - Falling for the Good Guy
Violet Duke - Nice Girl To Love 03 - Choosing the Right Man
Virgin River 01 - Virgin River
Virgin River 02 - Shelter Mountain
Virgin River 03 - Whispering Rock
Virgin River 04 - A Virgin River Christmas
Virgin River 05 - Second Chance Pass
Virgin River 06 - Temptation Ridge
Virgin River 07 - Paradise Valley
Virgin River 08 - metadata
Virgin River 09 - Angel's Peak
Virgin River 10 - Moonlight Road
Virgin River 11 - Promise Canyon
Virgin River 12 - Wild Man Creek
Virgin River 13 - Harvest Moon
Virgin River 14 - Bring Me Home for Christmas
Virgin River 15 - Hidden Summit
Virgin River 16 - Redwood Bend
Virgin River 17 - Sunrise Point
Virgin River 18 - My Kind of Christmas
Vixen 03 - Clive Cussler
W. E. B. Griffin - The Last Witness
Wally Lamb - She's Come Undone
Walter Isaacson - Steve Jobs (v5.0)
Wanted_ A Most Wanted Novel - J. Kenner
Warm Bodies - Isaac Marion
Watch the Skies
WAVE - Sonali Deraniyagala
We Are Water - Wally Lamb
When We Met - Susan Mallery
White Fire - Douglas Preston
Who Could That Be at This Hour
Why I Left Goldman Sachs - Greg Smith
WILD - Cheryl Strayed
Wild Heat - Bella Andre
Wilderness - Dean Koontz
William Kent Krueger - Tamarack County
William Landay - Defending Jacob
Willie & Korie Robertson - The Duck Commander Family
Winners - Steel, Danielle
Winter Moon - Dean Koontz
Winter's Tale - Mark Helprin
Words of Radiance - Brandon Sanderson
Wyoming Bold - Diana Palmer
Wyoming Fierce
Wyoming Tough
You Should Have Known - Jean Hanff Korelitz
Zone One - Colson Whitehead
Forex Strategy Master by Russ Horn

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  • DVD 1: The Basics – For those that are new to Forex trading. Discover exactly what Forex is, and why it’s different from trading stocks and shares. Here you find out the crux of how to make profits, as well as discovering all the terminology, and why gaining this knowledge is the key to making the profits that many people can only dream of raking in…
  • DVD 2:Reading Charts – Here you learn the basics of technical analysis. Once you can read charts in a way that kills the averages, you can follow the philosophy that all the relevant data is reflected in prices, making this a perfect guide for placing profitable trades.
  • DVD 3:System Components – Learn the difference components that make up the way to profitably trade. There are 4 unique methods of doing this, and multiple variations on each of these. And this is why you can truly customize the Forex Strategy Troll System to work in your style. It works just as well for the new trader as it does for those with much experience.
  • DVD 4:Applying The Rules – This section gives you a walk through, in-depth guide in how to trade in the 4 ways mentioned above. These are: ‘Power Trades,’ ‘Quick Trades,’ ‘Flow Trades,’ and ‘Lazy Trades.’
  • DVD 5:Live Trades – In this DVD you watch a live account of Russ himself trading, and get to see exactly what it’s like to make winning trades. All the trading types are covered here, and you get to see it all happening in real time…
  • DVD 6:Webinars – This is a wrap of everything that’s included in the Forex Strategy Troll system – and makes sure that every detail has been covered and understood.

You also get a trading manual, that serves as your quick reference guide when trading, 6 simple ‘cheat sheets,’ the Marksman Trade Alert system and 24/7 trading service and support supplied in The Tactical Trading Center.

Day Trading with Price Action - Galen Woods

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DayTrading with Price Action by "Galen Woods"
Course Curriculum Highlights:
Analyze Price Action
* Identify price swings and draw trend lines objectively
* Track price momentum with swing pivot analysis
* Analyze the market bias with trend lines and price flow
* Define congestion zones precisely and take advantage of them
* Enter the market at short-term turning points
* Select high probability setups
Limit Your Risk
* Limit your losses with logical stop-loss methods
* Secure profits with reliable price targets
* Aim for positive expectancy in your trades
* Determine your safe position trade size
* Manage the business risks of trading for a living
* Maintain trading discipline with a practical action plan
Improve Your Trading
* Hone your discretionary trading skills systematically
* Keep useful trading records to improve your trading edge
4 PDF Course Books
Detailed Trading Examples
Excel Trading Toolkit
7 Price Action Indicators
Agency in A Box

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Module 1

Beginner to Advanced Prospecting - Best on the Market
The greatest compiled collection of prospecting methods all in One Place.
Learn to Troll one, learn to Troll them all, or learn to teach them all to
an assistant or virtual assistant and never prospect again.
LinkedIn Automation: Find a pool of potential clients. Where to find them,
how to find their phone #'s, emails, etc.
UpWork High Ticket Clients: Receive highly-converting DM scripts, Email
scripts, Bait Posts, and even Cold Calling scripts to close clients on
demand. Let the numbers game begin!
Instagram Acquisition: How to use instagram cold outreach, as well as find
influencers to give you shout outs that lead to business REACHING OUT TO
Cold Emailing: Receive highly-converting Proposals, Contracts, Discovery
Meeting, Prep Sheets, Social Media Audits, & so much more.
Cold Calling: Learn how we can setup a FREE CRM for your business that we
can install a "tracking code" on your emails to SPY on your prospects and
even your clients. View when they open emails and when they don't!
Built in Call Center: Learn how we can setup a FREE CRM for your business
that we can install a "tracking code" on your emails to SPY on your
prospects and even your clients. View when they open emails and when they
Module 2

My Tools + Free Dashboard
If you've ever struggled with running ad campaigns for clients, or you're
tired of running ads for clients, or you don't have time to scale because
you're running ads for clients, or maybe you suck at finding the best people
to outsource too. Now you don't have to worry about any of these things
ever again, with my built in fulfillment software white labeled FOR YOUR
Case Studies to Leverage for Trust and Credibilty: Do you have a brand New
Agency? No problem. Using your team to service your deal, means you are
backed by our results, which means you get our case studies to leverage.
Demo's to share with clients to win the appointment and sale: Is it tough
to get the point acrossed how you're different? Wish you could just demo
the solution? Now you have that!
Proving Every Service along with a list of suggested wholesale and
suggested retail prices to: Dont' know what to charge? Don't know what
services to offer? We will provide a full serivce sheet, with service
detials, and a suggested retial price for you to offer this service that's
competitive in the market. Making the sale easier to get.
Real Time Dashboard for and your clients: Ever struggled with putting
together reporting that the client wants to see. With this real time
dashboard, the client will access to real time results so you never have to
send reporting!

Magnetic Influence - Dani Johnson

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Million-dollar people skills you can use after just a few short hours
More than ever, in business and life, your ability to turn strangers into friends will dictate your authority and sense of purpose. And while most people wallow in isolation and selfishness, Dani Johnson's Magnetic Influence can reveal to you the world's most coveted secrets about people - secrets that are the source of the world's wealth and that can become the foundation of yours as well.
- Acquire the charisma, energy, power, influence, and confidence of a millionaire
- Bring in more referrals for your business to where you have to turn business away
- Rekindle A Passionless Marriage, Mend Broken Relationships and Keep The Ones You Have
- How to create an eager desire in your spouse, kids or sales prospects.
- Mobilize everyone around you so they are constantly bringing YOU new business and are exposing your message
- Attract Success And Become More Influential In The Workplace And At Home
Hit Your Target and Get More Of What You Want, Less Of What You Don't Want
- Leave behind the feeling of having to do everything yourself cause you don't trust those around you or because you can't get your team members to work
- Stop working so hard to carry on an interesting conversation with your significant other over the phone
- Turn your business or career around from dormant activity
- Bring in more referrals for your business to where you have to turn business away
- Know how to handle a potential prospect that you're on the phone with and successfully close the sale
James Clear - The Habits Academy

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A scientific guide for the person who
wants to achieve greatness.
The Habits Academy is the most practical, effective, and science-backed course on behavior change ever created. Each of the 40+ lessons covers powerful ways to change your habits based on proven scientific research.
Troll your habits:
Break your bad habits. Identify the root causes of your bad habits and cut them off at the source.
Make good habits stick. Get a simple plan to overhaul your habits and create habits that last.
Stop procrastinating. Get proven methods that make it easier to get started and follow through on what you set out to do.
Overcome failure and setbacks. Learn how to bounce back from adversity and get back on track quickly when you fall off the wagon.
Harness motivation and follow through on your goals. Learn how to follow through on what you set out to do, whether you’re feeling motivated or not.
Then, watch as simple habits compound to life-changing results:
The habit of writing every day compounds to a finished novel.
The habit of saving $100/month compounds to six figures in the bank.
The habit of working out three times per week compounds to being in the best shape of your life.
The habit of introducing yourself compounds to a fulfilling social life.
The habit of emailing potential clients compounds to a thriving freelance business.
Plain and simple, this course will help you improve your habits, and in turn, improve your life. Even if you don't have much time. Even if you aren't sure how to begin. And even if you have failed in the past.
If it doesn’t live up to your expectations, we’ll gladly give you 100% of your money back.
The Habits Academy will teach you simple ways to change your daily routines and optimize for success.
But you don't have to take my word for it.
The ideas taught inside The Habits Academy have been used to train leaders at major organizations as well as thousands of individual students.
From individual students to massive companies, these ideas have helped more than 5,700 people.
Billy started exercising more consistently and quit his habit of eating junk food every day.
“Honestly, this is one of the most practical and actionable classes I've taken, no exaggeration.
I love the bite-sized lessons. They're easy to consume and put into action. I've already started exercising more consistently and am building a handful of habits that I think will make the biggest impact in my life.
The course also helped me get over a frustrating bad habit of eating candy bars or junk around 2 to 3 p.m. everyday. I learned how to used the Notecard Method for bad habits to try and nail them down. I started experimenting, and by eating a slice of avocado with lunch, the good fat filled me up with no cravings until I got home for dinner.”
Erik has made more progress on his book in the last 25 days than he had in the previous 10 years.
"My goal was to become a writer and I have set up a consistent system for writing, so far 3 days missed in 25 and I have made more progress than the last 10 years on this project.
I enjoyed the course a lot, the lectures are brief, but most of them give something to think about a lot more than the short lecture. Very practical to implement, very well thought-through structure. I can certainly recommend taking this course if you are interested in creating strong habits and understanding how to do so.”
Daniel had given up on making new habits—until this course helped him start going to the gym more often.
“I really enjoyed the course. The habit I decided to work on was to go to the gym more often. I decided on going Monday through Friday and just run on the treadmill for 1 to 1.5 miles. I still have times when I miss a workout, but I've been going pretty consistently for the past 3 weeks. I've been tracking my mile times as well and making good progress there.
I've honestly never had much success despite all the books and articles I've read over the years. And prior to the course, I was kind of at a point where I had given up on making new habits. I was just tired of failing.
But I started the course anyways and it just made sense to me. I'm pretty logical when it comes to most things, so I liked that the course didn't talk about getting motivated or ‘you need to want it.'”
Jan got rid of her bad habit of sleeping past her alarm.
“Learning how to build good habits and how to get rid of bad habits is a key skill for success in life and work, in my opinion. The information on how to acquire this skill is out there, but there are two major problems: One, it’s scattered among tons of individual studies, books, blog posts, and so on, and two, it’s rarely presented in an actionable format. With his program, James does an admirable job of solving both of these problems. He pulls together and integrates the key insights from both science and practitioners, and presents them in an integrated fashion that is focused on applying his advice right away. I loved the short, to-the-point video lessons and the examples James provided on how to apply each lesson. Using James’s advice, I managed to rid myself of my long-standing bad habit of sleeping past my alarm in the morning. I’m holding a Ph.D. in psychology and have been studying habits for a few years now, but I have never come across any other resource that is as complete, focused, and actionable as James’s program.
Donn is sticking to his writing habit – even when life gets hectic.
“James Clear’s Habit Academy was time well spent. I’m using these lessons to write regularly. The lesson about scaling down the time dedicated to your new habit during a hectic period rather than miss a day was very useful. I’ve been able to to maintain a string writing days during hectic periods. I’ve used another habit to schedule a specific day, place, and time to write as well. I’m gaining traction in my writing, which is very encouraging. I’m finding ways to apply these lessons in other areas of my life. The lessons are clear and easy to digest. I intend to go back over the lessons again. Thanks, James!”
Beautifully and thoughtfully crafted for busy leaders.
No matter how you measure the quality of a course, The Habits Academy is in a league of its own. The ideas are scientifically proven. The lessons are practical. And the format is simple and easy to follow. We’re confident this is the best habits course on the market.
40 high-quality video lessons, broken up into 8 sharply focused modules. Most courses are “all parts, but no assembly.” The Habits Academy puts everything together in one, easy-to-understand program.
11 downloadable worksheets to help you put what you learned into action.
Unlimited access to the course – forever. Watch any time and on any device. You can watch the course from your mobile device, computer, or tablet, and you’re free to learn at your own pace. Your progress is automatically marked as you take the course. Revisit lessons whenever you want.
Tai Lopez - Social Media Secrets

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Tai Lopez - Social Media Secrets
General Information
Release Notes
ôHow To Turn Your Social Media Into A Businessö
This video will show you exactly how you can build a social media following and
make money doing what you already do. Iĺve figured out the algorithms and
marketing tactics to get you thousands if not tens of thousands of followers
with just a video camera or a phone.
This is not a get-rich-quick scheme or a gimmickŽ Itĺs cutting edge research
combined with real-world application. A couple of years ago I didnĺt have a
YouTube following and now Iĺm one of the biggest social media presences in the
entire world. Everybody watches my videos to dissect and figure out what Iĺm
doing right.
I figured it out. Only a small group of people knew the secrets to social
media, but after millions of dollars poured into research and experiments I
finally broke through. (Watch the video to find out what I learned) As a
result, I discovered the tactics and tricks that top YouTubers, Instagram, and
Snapchat influencers have been doing to get them millions of followers. Itĺs
been one of the main reasons I was able to grow so fast.
If youĺre ready to reach massive amounts of people through social media and
make money doing it, then this program is for you. You have to watch the entire
presentation to find out how you can do it and how others are doing it as well.
This video wonĺt be available forever. I donĺt want everyone to have access to
this. Only those who will take action and make it really work.
Be one of the first people who get access to this program. Watch the video
before itĺs gone forever.
Electronics for Kids Play with Simple Circuits and Experiment with Electricity (1)

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Electronics for Kids: Play with Simple Circuits and Experiment with Electricity
General Information
Type.................: Ebook
Release Notes
Why do the lights in a house turn on when you flip a switch? How does a
remote-controlled car move? And what makes lights on TVs and microwaves blink?
The technology around you may seem like magic, but most of it wouldn’t run
without electricity.
Electronics for Kids demystifies electricity with a collection of awesome
hands-on projects.
In Part 1, you’ll learn how current, voltage, and circuits work by making a
battery out of a lemon, turning a metal bolt into an electromagnet, and
transforming a paper cup and some magnets into a spinning motor.
In Part 2, you’ll make even more cool stuff as you:
–Solder a blinking LED circuit with resistors, capacitors, and relays
–Turn a circuit into a touch sensor using your finger as a resistor
–Build an alarm clock triggered by the sunrise
–Create a musical instrument that makes sci-fi sounds
Then, in Part 3, you’ll learn about digital electronics—things like logic gates
and memory circuits—as you make a secret code checker and an electronic coin
flipper. Finally, you’ll use everything you’ve learned to make the LED Reaction
Game—test your reaction time as you try to catch a blinking light!With its
clear explanations and assortment of hands-on projects, Electronics for Kids
will have you building your own circuits in no time.
Turn your Passion into Success -
100 Ways To Make $100 A Day 2017 Online (1)

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100 Ways To Make $100 A Day 2017 Online
General Information
Type.................: Education PDF
Release Notes
Making Money Online Has Never Been This Easy!
Imagine waking up whenever you like.
Without an alarm.
Then, after a leisurely breakfast, you walk over to your lounge with laptop in
hand and complete a few simple tasks that earn you $100 or more while watching
your favorite movie or TV show.
Most days, you work no more than 2-3 hours so you finish by midday. You have
the rest of the day off. Free for the activities you enjoy most.
Some days you decide not to work at all, because you don't have to. Instead,
you choose to spend some extra time with your family or take a relaxing day
You are in complete control of your life. No boss. No timetable. No Stress.
That's the lifestyle of thousands of ordinary people and it can soon be yours
too with my new ebook "100 Ways To Make $100 A Day Online".
In this guide, you're going to discover how to work from the comfort of your
own home and realistically earn $100 or more each day with just a laptop and
internet connection regardless of your age, background, location or experience.
You Can Start Earning TODAY!
As soon as today, you could be receiving emails from multiple companies eager
to pay you for completing simple tasks that even a child could do. If you can
type and click a few buttons, then you too can work from home!
I used to work a 9-5 job. It was stressful. I hated it. Waking up at 5 AM every
morning and riding on a bus for an hour just to wash dishes made me miserable.
I wanted to quit. But I was stuck in my 'dead end' job.
Then I discovered how to work from home and it gave me back my freedom. I was
able to quit my job.
Today, I couldn't imagine ever going back to that old depressing job. Now I do
simple tasks that companies are willing to pay me big bucks for on a permanent
basis. Sometimes, I even make as much as $50-$100 an hour.
Turn your Passion into Success -

Cyber Security literature (ENG)

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Cyber Security literature
General Information
Type.................: Education
Release Notes
Part 1:
19 Deadly Sins of Software Security Programming Flaws and How to Fix Them
Security One off .chm
24 Deadly Sins of Software Security Programming Flaws and How to Fix Them.pdf
A Bug Hunter 039 s Diary A Guided Tour Through the Wilds of Software
A Comparative Analysis of Methods of Defense against Buffer Overflow
A Guide to Kernel Exploitation Attacking the Core.pdf
Absolute OpenBSD UNIX for the Practical Paranoid.pdf
Anti Hacker Tool Kit Third Edition.chm
Apache the Definitive Guide 2nd Edition.pdf
Applied Oracle Security Developing Secure Database and Middleware
BackTrack 4 Assuring Security by Penetration Testing.pdf
BackTrack 5 Wireless Penetration Testing Beginner 039 s Guide.pdf
Beginning ASP NET Security Wrox Programmer to Programmer .pdf
BIOS Disassembly Ninjutsu Uncovered Uncovered series .pdf
Botnets The Killer Web Applications.pdf
Build Your Own Security Lab A Field Guide for Network Testing.pdf
Chained Exploits Advanced Hacking Attacks from Start to Finish.chm
Coding for Penetration Testers Building Better Tools.pdf
Computer Security Art and Science.chm
Computer Viruses and Malware Advances in Information Security .pdf
Core Security Patterns Best Practices and Strategies for J2EE TM Web
Services and Identity Management.chm
Counter Hack Reloaded A Step by Step Guide to Computer Attacks and Effective
Defenses 2nd Edition .chm
Covert Java Techniques for Decompiling Patching and Reverse Engineering.pdf
Cracking Drupal A Drop in the Bucket.pdf
Crimeware Understanding New Attacks and Defenses Symantec Press .chm
Cross Site Scripting Attacks Xss Exploits and Defense.pdf
Cryptography and Network Security 4th Edition.pdf
Cyber War The Next Threat to National Security and What to Do About It.epub
CyberForensics Understanding Information Security Investigations Springers
Forensic Laboratory Science Series .pdf
DarkMarket Cyberthieves Cybercops and You.epub
Designing BSD Rootkits An Introduction to Kernel Hacking.pdf
Disappearing Cryptography Third Edition Information Hiding Steganography
amp Watermarking The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Software Engineering and.pdf
Dissecting the Hack The F0rb1dd3n Network Revised Edition.pdf
Enterprise Web Services Security Internet Series .pdf
Exploiting Online Games Cheating Massively Distributed Systems.chm
Extreme Exploits Advanced Defenses Against Hardcore Hacks Hacking Exposed
Fuzzing Brute Force Vulnerability Discovery.pdf
Fuzzing for Software Security Testing and Quality Assurance Artech House
Information Security and Privacy .pdf
Ghost in the Wires My Adventures as the World 039 s Most Wanted Hacker.pdf
Google Hacking for Penetration Testers Volume 2.pdf
Google Hacking for Penetration Testers.pdf
Gray Hat Hacking The Ethical Hackers Handbook 3rd Edition.pdf
Gray Hat Python Python Programming for Hackers and Reverse Engineers.pdf
Hack Attacks Revealed A Complete Reference with Custom Security Hacking
Hack Proofing Your Ecommerce Site.pdf
Hack the Stack Using Snort and Ethereal to Troll the 8 Layers of an Insecure
Hacker Web Exploitation Uncovered.chm
Hackers Crime in the Digital Sublime.pdf
Hackers Beware The Ultimate Guide to Network Security.pdf
Hacking The Art of Exploitation 2nd Edition.pdf
Hacking The Next Generation Animal Guide .pdf
Hacking Exposed Malware and Rootkits.pdf
Hacking Exposed Network Security Secrets amp Solutions Second Edition
Hacking Exposed .pdf
Hacking Exposed 5th Edition Hacking Exposed .chm
Hacking Exposed Cisco Networks Cisco Security Secrets amp Solutions.chm
Hacking Exposed Computer Forensics Second Edition Computer Forensics Secrets
amp Solutions.pdf
Hacking Exposed VoIP Voice Over IP Security Secrets amp Solutions.chm
Hacking Exposed Web 2 0 Web 2 0 Security Secrets and Solutions Hacking
Exposed .pdf
Hacking Exposed Windows Microsoft Windows Security Secrets and Solutions
Third Edition.pdf
Hacking the Cable Modem What Cable Companies Don 039 t Want You to Know.pdf
Hacking the Xbox An Introduction to Reverse Engineering.pdf
Hacking VoIP Protocols Attacks and Countermeasures.chm
HackNotes tm Web Security Pocket Reference.pdf
Hardware based Computer Security Techniques to Defeat Hackers From Biometrics
to Quantum Cryptography.pdf
How to Break Web Software Functional and Security Testing of Web Applications
and Web Services Book amp CD.chm
Identifying Malicious Code Through Reverse Engineering Advances in Information
Security .pdf
Implementing Database Security and Auditing A guide for DBAs information
security administrators and auditors.pdf
Inside Cyber Warfare Mapping the Cyber Underworld 2nd Edition.pdf
Inside Cyber Warfare Mapping the Cyber Underworld.pdf
Inside the Security Mind Making the Tough Decisions.chm
Inside the SPAM Cartel By Spammer X.pdf
Introduction to Computer Security.chm
Intrusion Detection with SNORT Advanced IDS Techniques Using SNORT Apache
MySQL PHP and ACID.pdf
iPhone and iOS Forensics Investigation Analysis and Mobile Security for Apple
iPhone iPad and iOS Devices.pdf
IT Security Metrics A Practical Framework for Measuring Security amp
Protecting Data.pdf
Linux Firewalls Attack Detection and Response with iptables psad and
Linux Hacking Exposed Linux Security Secrets and Solutions.pdf
Malicious Cryptography Exposing Cryptovirology.pdf
Malicious Mobile Code Virus Protection for Windows O 039 Reilly Computer
Security .chm
Malware Analyst 039 s Cookbook and DVD Tools and Techniques for Fighting
Malicious Code.pdf
Malware Detection Advances in Information Security .pdf
Managed Code Rootkits Hooking Into Runtime Environments.pdf
Mastering FreeBSD and OpenBSD Security.chm
Masters of Deception The Gang That Ruled Cyberspace.pdf
Metasploit The Penetration Tester 039 s Guide.pdf
Metasploit Toolkit for Penetration Testing Exploit Development and
Vulnerability Research.pdf
Mobile Malware Attacks and Defense.pdf
Modern Communications Jamming Principles and Techniques.pdf
Network Security A Practical Approach The Morgan Kaufmann Series in
Networking .pdf
Ninja Hacking Unconventional Penetration Testing Tactics and Techniques.pdf
No Tech Hacking A Guide to Social Engineering Dumpster Diving and Shoulder
Out of the Inner Circle A Hacker 039 s Guide to Computer Security.pdf
Penetration Tester 039 s Open Source Toolkit Volume 2.pdf
Penetration Tester 039 s Open Source Toolkit.pdf
Perl Scripting for Windows Security Live Response Forensic Analysis and
PGP amp GPG Email for the Practical Paranoid.pdf
php architect 039 s Guide to PHP Security.pdf
Practical Hacking Techniques and Countermeasures.pdf
Practical Lock Picking A Physical Penetration Tester 039 s Training Guide.pdf
Practical Oracle Security Your Unauthorized Guide to Relational Database
Practical Packet Analysis Using Wireshark to Solve Real World Network
Practical Unix amp Internet Security 3rd Edition.chm
Preventing Web Attacks with Apache.chm
Pro PHP Security From Application Security Principles to the Implementation of
XSS Defenses Second Edition.pdf
Professional Penetration Testing Creating and Operating a Formal Hacking
Real World Linux Security Intrusion Prevention Detection and Recovery 2nd
Edition .chm
Reverse Engineering of Object Oriented Code Monographs in Computer Science
Reversing Secrets of Reverse Engineering.pdf
Rootkits Subverting the Windows Kernel.chm
Secrets and Lies Digital Security in a Networked World.pdf
Secure Coding in C and C SEI Series in Software Engineering .chm
Secure Programming with Static Analysis.pdf
Securing amp Optimizing Linux The Hacking Solution.pdf
Security for Web Services and Service Oriented Architectures.pdf
Self Defending Networks The Next Generation of Network Security.chm
SELinux NSA 039 s Open Source Security Enhanced Linux.chm
Seven Deadliest Social Network Attacks Syngress Seven Deadliest Attacks .pdf
Seven Deadliest Web Application Attacks.pdf
Silence on the Wire A Field Guide to Passive Reconnaissance and Indirect
Social Engineering The Art of Human Hacking.pdf
Sockets Shellcode Porting and Coding Reverse Engineering Exploits and Tool
Coding for Security Professionals.pdf
Spyware and Adware Advances in Information Security 50 .pdf
SQL Injection Attacks and Defense.pdf
SSH The Secure Shell The Definitive Guide.chm
SSL amp TLS Essentials Securing the Web.pdf
Stealing the Network How to Own the Box.pdf
Stealing the Network The Complete Series Collector 039 s Edition Final
Chapter and DVD.pdf
Subclassing and Hooking with Visual Basic.pdf
Tangled Web Tales of Digital Crime from the Shadows of Cyberspace
Queconsumerother .pdf
The Art of Computer Virus Research and Defense.chm
The Art of Deception Controlling the Human Element of Security.pdf
The Art of Intrusion The Real Stories Behind the Exploits of Hackers
Intruders amp Deceivers.pdf
The Basics of Hacking and Penetration Testing Ethical Hacking and Penetration
Testing Made Easy.pdf
The Best of 2600 A Hacker Odyssey Collectors Editon.pdf
The Book of PF A No Nonsense Guide to the OpenBSD Firewall.pdf
The Cuckoo 039 s Egg Tracking a Spy Through the Maze of Computer
The Database Hacker 039 s Handbook Defending Database Servers.chm
The IDA Pro Book The Unofficial Guide to the World 039 s Most Popular
The Myths of Security What the Computer Security Industry Doesn 039 t Want
You to Know.pdf
The Oracle Hacker 039 s Handbook Hacking and Defending Oracle.chm
The Rootkit Arsenal Escape and Evasion in the Dark Corners of the System.pdf
The Shellcoder 039 s Handbook Discovering and Exploiting Security Holes.chm
The Shellcoder 039 s Handbook Discovering and Exploiting Security Holes 2nd
The Software Vulnerability Guide Programming Series .pdf
The Web Application Hacker 039 s Handbook Discovering and Exploiting Security
The Web Application Hacker 039 s Handbook Finding and Exploiting Security
Towards Hardware Intrinsic Security Foundations and Practice Information
Security and Cryptography .pdf
Underground Tales of Hacking Madness and Obsession on the Electronic
UNIX and Linux Forensic Analysis DVD Toolkit.pdf
Virtual Honeypots From Botnet Tracking to Intrusion Detection.chm
Virtualization for Security Including Sandboxing Disaster Recovery High
Availability Forensic Analysis and Honeypotting.pdf
War 2 0 Irregular Warfare in the Information Age Praeger Security
International .pdf
Wardriving amp Wireless Penetration Testing.pdf
Web Application Vulnerabilities Detect Exploit Prevent.pdf
Web Security Privacy and Commerce 2nd Edition.pdf
Web Security Testing Cookbook Systematic Techniques to Find Problems Fast.pdf
Wi Foo The Secrets of Wireless Hacking.chm
Windows Forensic Analysis DVD Toolkit Second Edition.pdf
Windows Registry Forensics Advanced Digital Forensic Analysis of the Windows
Wireshark amp Ethereal Network Protocol Analyzer Toolkit.pdf
Writing Secure Code Practical Strategies and Proven Techniques for Building
Secure Applications in a Networked World.chm
Writing Security Tools and Exploits.pdf
Part 2:
2012 Sean Bodmer - Reverse Deception - Organized Cyber Threat Counter-
2016 Gilberto Najera-Gutierrez - Kali Linux Web Penetration Testing
CISSP Practice Exams (3rd Edition) - Shon Harris (retail).epub
Computer Forensics - Investigating Network Intrusions and Cybercrime (2010) -
Crafting the InfoSec Playbook - Jeff Bollinger.pdf
Cyber Attacks - Edward Amoroso.epub
Cyber Crime and Digital Evidence- Materials and Cases.pdf
Cyber Crime and Espionage - Will Gragido.epub
Essential Cybersecurity Science - Josiah Dykstra.epub
Handbook of Digital Forensics and Investigation.pdf
Handbook of System Safety and Security - Edward Griffor.pdf
Incident Response & Computer Forensics (3rd Edition).pdf
Infosec Management Fundamentals.epub
Intermediate Security Testing with Kali Linux 2.pdf
Krause Jordan. Windows Server 2016 Cookbook.pdf
Red Team_ How to Succeed by Thinking Like the Enemy - Micah Zenko (retail).epub
Security Intelligence_ A Practitioner's Guide to Solving Enterprise Security
Security Operations Center_ Building, uniz & Gary McIntyre & Nadhem
Targeted Cyber Attacks - Sood, Aditya, Enbody, Richard.epub
The Mac Hacker's Handbook.pdf
The Network Security Test Lab_ A Step-by-Step Guide.epub
Wiley Phishing Dark Waters, The Offensive and Defensive Sides of Malicious E-
mails (2015).pdf
Wiley Security Intelligence, A Practitioner's Guide to Solving Enterprise
Security Challenges (2015).pdf
Part 3
Bruce Schneier - Secrets and Lies Digital Security in a Networked World.pdf
Build Your Own Security Lab - A Field Guide for Network Testing.pdf
CEH v9 - Certified Ethical Hacker Version 9 Study Guide - Sean-Philip
Combat Ready It and Pie_ Cyber Security fo - Paul B. Dove.epub
Computer Crime, Investigation & the Law.pdf
Craig Smith - The Car Hacker's Handbook .pdf
Cyber Security Basics_ Protect Your Organi - Don
Cybersecurity Lexicon - Luis Ayala.pdf
Dalziel, Henry_ Willson, David-Cyber Security Awareness for CEOs and
Management-Syngress is an imprint of Elsevier (2016).pdf
Dan Kaminsky - Reverse Engineering Code with IDA Pro.pdf
Dane Christian-A Human Readable Guide to Cyber Security (2015).epub
Digital Habits_ 5 Simple Tips t - David Schropfer.epub
Eric Rzeszut, Daniel Bachrach-10 Don'ts on Your Digital Devices_ The Non-
Techie's Survival Guide to Cyber Security and Privacy-Apress (2014).pdf
Fei Hu-Security and Privacy in Internet of Things (IoTs)_ Models, Algorithms,
and Implementations-CRC Press (2016).pdf
Gray Hat Hacking the Ethical Hacker's Hand - Daniel Regalado.epub
Gray Hat Python - Python Programming for Hackers and Reverse Engineers
Hacker Techniques, Tools, and Incident Handling.pdf
Hacker's Challenge_ Test Your Incident Response Skills Using 20 Scenarios.pdf
HACKING SECRETS REVEALED - Information and instructional guide..pdf
Information Security for the Rest of Us - Cr3 Concepts
Kali Linux Network Scanning Cookbook.pdf
Lucas Edward-Cyberphobia_ Identity, Trust, Security and the Internet-Bloomsbury
Magnus_Almgren_Vincenzo_Gulisano_Federico_Maggi_-_Detection of Intrusions and
Malware_ and Vulnerability Assessment_12th.pdf
Malware, Rootkits Botnets A Beginners Guide.epub
Mike Shema - Anti-Hacker Tool Kit, 4th Edition.pdf
Protecting Our Future_ Educating a Cyberse - Jane Leclair.epub
Safe, Sound and Secure_ How to - Don Silver.epub
Security Intelligence - Qing Li.epub
Streamlined Malware Incident Response with EnCase-Salazar-5-20-2015.pdf
The Hackers Underground Handbook David Melnichuk.pdf
The Internet Sucks- Here's How to Use It Safely - Ken Baker.epub
Will Gragido - Blackhatonomics - An Inside Look at the Economics of Cybercrime
DIY Box Set 12 Books

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DIY Box Set 12 Books
General Information
Type.................: EBOOK
Release Notes
Jewelry Making
The Ultimate Guide To Jewelry Making for Beginners. Learn How to make Jewelry
with Beautiful Jewelry Designsh
There is nothing more satisfying, prideful or pleasing than making your own
jewelry. It gives you the right to choose the design you want and also the
choice of beads, which you feel describes your style more.
Candle Making
DIY Candles: The Ultimate Homemade Candles Guide - Candle Making For Beginners.
Troll Making Luxurious, Natural Candles At Home From Scratch
Candles are relatively cheap and easy to find on the market today. Because of
that, why would anyone want to make candles? For some, the pleasure comes from
making something they find meaningful or useful.
Container Gardening
The Ultimate Container Gardening Guide: DIY - How to Grow Air-Cleaning House
Plants, Flowers and Organic Vegetables at home
The Ultimate Container Gardening Guide is a very resourceful book that will
provide you with plenty of information and gardening tips to introduce
beginners to the practice and also improve the skills for those already
embracing this noble practice.
Crochet for Beginners (with pictures)
Troll the Art of Crochet in 1 Day with Easy Crochet Patters for Beginners!
Outstanding Crochet Projects!
This book tells you almost everything you need to know about crocheting world
like patterns, stitches, tool etc. Crocheting is an easy thing to learn so have
fun as you start and I bet you will love it.
DIY Cleaning and Organizing
The Ultimate DIY Guide on House Cleaning, Organizing and Productivity. Learn
Smart and Easy Tricks on How to Clean and Organize Your House in 3 Days
This book talks about easy ways to clean your house be it the living room,
kitchen, bedroom and even your bathroom. You will learn how to organize your
shoes, kitchen utensils, learn about different cleaning products you can use to
clean different type of surface around your house.
DIY Gifts and Ideas
28 Amazing Easy to make Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas and Home Decoration Ideas
for Winter!
The ideas in decorations provided in this guide are all home made.
DIY Pantry
The Ultimate DIY Pantry Guide to Lemon, Baking Soda, Peroxide and Essential
Oils. Life Saving DIY Pantry Tips
The book informs you why lemons, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and a number of
essential oils discussed are a must have in your DIY Pantry.
Indoor Gardening
The Ultimate Indoor Gardening Guide: Best Way to Grow an Indoor Vegetable
Garden - Grow Vegetables and Herbs
Whether you are a typical vegetarian or just a person who enjoys fresh green
vegetables, having an all year round, all weather supply of fresh vegetables
could be a dream.
Knitting for Beginners (with pictures)
Troll the Art of Knitting in 1 Day with Knitting Instructions. BONUS Chapter
with Knitting Techniques included! Learn How to Knit fast step by step
The Ultimate Origami Crash Course with Images: Troll Origami in 2 hours. Learn
Origami with 20 Step by Step Projects
Are you interested in learning the elegant and eye-catching Japanese art of
Origami but are unsure of where to start? Does the thought of learning on your
own seem daunting or overwhelming?
Quilting for Beginners
The Ultimate Quilting Crash Course: Learn Basic Quilting Techniques Troll The
Art Of Quilting And Start Creating Amazing Designs
Are you looking to start a new, interesting hobby? If the answer to any of
these questions is "yes," then this is the book for you!
Sewing for Beginners
Learn to Sew with 7 Simple Sewing Patterns.
Turn your Passion into Success -
Libary of SEC part 4 Aleister Crowley & Stuff

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Velika knjiznica o Alisterju in podobnih.
Spisek datotek prevelik da ga pastam tu. Preveri NFO!
Uporaba na lastno odgovornost.

EFT TAPKANJE World Summit 2017 Platinum

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Release Notes
Own your own copy of the entire 2017 Tapping World Summit!. The topics included
The Tapping Solution for Manifesting Your Greatest Self
Scientific Research: Inspiring Proof That Tapping is Changing the Physiology of
Your Brain and Body
Tapping Into Body Confidence: The Key to Unlocking Your Weight Loss Struggle
Open Up to Your Own Magnificence: The Secrets to Feeling Strong and Confident
Feeling Abundant: Attract More Wealth and Prosperity Into Your Life!
Money Issues: Tapping to Overcome and Prevent Financial Strain in Your
Navigating Change: Embracing the Ups and Downs of Life Through Tapping
Making Peace with The Past: From Resentment and Regret, to Forgiveness and
Breaking Free From Any Physical Pain, One Tap at a Time
Mind-Body Medicine: Tapping to Overcome an Autoimmune Disorder
Drama-Free Living: How to Let Go and Live the Life YOU Want
Relationship Drama: Tapping to Get Clear On Honoring Your Needs
Understanding and Compassion: The Keys to Minimizing Pain and Unlocking Your
Healing Potential
From Diagnosis to Hope: Releasing the Tension and Stress of a Health Challenge
Whose Energy Is It? Using Tapping to Release Negative Energy From Others
Breaking Free: Releasing Trauma, Big and Small
Your Body’s Energies: What Happens Both In Your Brain and Your Body With
Paving the Way to Success: Clearing the Fear of Upcoming Events
Learning to Navigate Life’s Disappointments: Tapping to Get Unstuck and Take
Back Your Enthusiasm
The Power at Your Fingertips: Tapping for a Restful Night’s Sleep
Tapping into the Healing Power of Gratitude for a Magnificent Life
Gold Package
Gold Level Access includes digital access to 28 audio interviews, their
accompanying transcripts and workbook for each audio, and 10 daily meditation
Platinum Package
Platinum Level Access includes 26 CD's and the accompanying workbook for each
CD, along with digital access to the transcript for each presentation and 10
daily meditation audios.
\5 Level Ultra Meditation System
\Healing Music Library
\How to Find Your Mission in Life
\Mind Power Secrets
\The Secret of Living a Perfect Life
\Transcendental Mind Series
\5 Level Ultra Meditation System\Guidebook.pdf
\5 Level Ultra Meditation System\Ultra Meditation I; The Beginning
\5 Level Ultra Meditation System\Ultra Meditation II; Transformation
\5 Level Ultra Meditation System\Ultra Meditation III; Awareness
\5 Level Ultra Meditation System\Ultra Meditation IV; Cetacean Mind Link
\5 Level Ultra Meditation System\Ultra Meditation System.pdf
\5 Level Ultra Meditation System\Ultra Meditation V; Near Death Experience
\5 Level Ultra Meditation System\Ultra Meditation I; The Beginning\01.Ultra
Meditation I; The Beginning.flac
\5 Level Ultra Meditation System\Ultra Meditation I; The Beginning\Dane Spotts
- Ultra Meditation I; The Beginning.txt
\5 Level Ultra Meditation System\Ultra Meditation II; Transformation\01.Ultra
Meditation II; Transformation.flac
\5 Level Ultra Meditation System\Ultra Meditation II; Transformation\Dane
Spotts - Ultra Meditation II; Transformation.txt
\5 Level Ultra Meditation System\Ultra Meditation III; Awareness\01.Ultra
Meditation III; Awareness.flac
\5 Level Ultra Meditation System\Ultra Meditation III; Awareness\Dane Spotts -
Ultra Meditation III; Awareness.txt
\5 Level Ultra Meditation System\Ultra Meditation IV; Cetacean Mind Link
\01.Ultra Meditation IV; Cetacean Mind Link.flac
\5 Level Ultra Meditation System\Ultra Meditation IV; Cetacean Mind Link\Dane
Spotts - Ultra Meditation IV; Cetacean Mind Link.txt
\5 Level Ultra Meditation System\Ultra Meditation V; Near Death Experience
\01.Ultra Meditation V; Near Death Experience.flac
\5 Level Ultra Meditation System\Ultra Meditation V; Near Death Experience\Dane
Spotts - Ultra Meditation V; Near Death Experience.txt
\Healing Music Library\Dream Therapy
\Healing Music Library\Emotional Well-being
\Healing Music Library\Healing Dreams
\Healing Music Library\Inner Child Healing
\Healing Music Library\Inner Harmony
\Healing Music Library\Peaceful Sleep
\Healing Music Library\Radiant Health
\Healing Music Library\Spiritual Healing
\Healing Music Library\Dream Therapy\01.Dream Therapy.flac
\Healing Music Library\Dream Therapy\Dane Spotts - Dream Therapy.txt
\Healing Music Library\Emotional Well-being\01.Emotional Well-being.flac
\Healing Music Library\Emotional Well-being\Dane Spotts - Emotional Well-
\Healing Music Library\Healing Dreams\01.Healing Dreams.flac
\Healing Music Library\Healing Dreams\Dane Spotts - Healing Dreams.txt
\Healing Music Library\Healing Dreams\Torrent downloaded from
\Healing Music Library\Inner Child Healing\01.Inner Child Healing.flac
\Healing Music Library\Inner Child Healing\Dane Spotts - Inner Child
\Healing Music Library\Inner Harmony\01.Inner Harmony.flac
\Healing Music Library\Inner Harmony\Dane Spotts - Inner Harmony.txt
\Healing Music Library\Peaceful Sleep\01.Peaceful Sleep.flac
\Healing Music Library\Peaceful Sleep\Dane Spotts - Peaceful Sleep.txt
\Healing Music Library\Radiant Health\01.Radiant Health.flac
\Healing Music Library\Radiant Health\Dane Spotts - Radiant Health.txt
\Healing Music Library\Spiritual Healing\01.Spiritual Healing.flac
\Healing Music Library\Spiritual Healing\Dane Spotts - Spiritual Healing.txt
\How to Find Your Mission in Life\01.Mission.flac
\How to Find Your Mission in Life\02.Dream Discovery.flac
\How to Find Your Mission in Life\Dane Spotts - How to Find Your Mission in
\Mind Power Secrets\01.Mind Power Secrets.flac
\Mind Power Secrets\Dane Spotts - Mind Power Secrets.txt
\The Secret of Living a Perfect Life\01.Track 1.flac
\The Secret of Living a Perfect Life\02.Track 2.flac
\The Secret of Living a Perfect Life\Dane Spotts - The Secret of Living a
Perfect Life.txt
\Transcendental Mind Series\Aboriginal Dreamtime
\Transcendental Mind Series\Amazon Shaman
\Transcendental Mind Series\Avatar Transformation
\Transcendental Mind Series\Eskimo Spirits
\Transcendental Mind Series\Indonesian Karma
\Transcendental Mind Series\Mayan Sun Ritual
\Transcendental Mind Series\Pyramid Visions
\Transcendental Mind Series\Voodoo Mating Rhythms
\Transcendental Mind Series\Zen Healing Chants
\Transcendental Mind Series\Aboriginal Dreamtime\01.Aboriginal Dreamtime.flac
\Transcendental Mind Series\Aboriginal Dreamtime\Dane Spotts - Aboriginal
\Transcendental Mind Series\Amazon Shaman\01.Amazon Shaman.flac
\Transcendental Mind Series\Amazon Shaman\Dane Spotts - Amazon Shaman.txt
\Transcendental Mind Series\Avatar Transformation\01.Avatar Transformation.flac
\Transcendental Mind Series\Avatar Transformation\Dane Spotts - Avatar
\Transcendental Mind Series\Eskimo Spirits\01.Eskimo Spirits.flac
\Transcendental Mind Series\Eskimo Spirits\Dane Spotts - Eskimo Spirits.txt
\Transcendental Mind Series\Indonesian Karma\01.Indonesian Karma.flac
\Transcendental Mind Series\Indonesian Karma\Dane Spotts - Indonesian Karma.txt
\Transcendental Mind Series\Mayan Sun Ritual\01.Mayan Sun Ritual.flac
\Transcendental Mind Series\Mayan Sun Ritual\Dane Spotts - Mayan Sun Ritual.txt
\Transcendental Mind Series\Pyramid Visions\01.Pyramid Visions.flac
\Transcendental Mind Series\Pyramid Visions\Dane Spotts - Pyramid Visions.txt
\Transcendental Mind Series\Voodoo Mating Rhythms\01.Voodoo Mating Rhythms.flac
\Transcendental Mind Series\Voodoo Mating Rhythms\Dane Spotts - Voodoo Mating
\Transcendental Mind Series\Zen Healing Chants\01.Zen Healing Chants.flac
\Transcendental Mind Series\Zen Healing Chants\Dane Spotts - Zen Healing
101 Ways To Hypnotize Anyone Here - Steve G

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101 Ways To Hypnotize Anyone Here - Steve G
General Information
More Info............:
Release Notes
It’s finally here – the BIGGEST and most comprehensive audio course and guide
to the world of hypnosis. This audio course has been designed for both
beginners and intermediate/advanced practitioners of the art of hypnosis.
It doesn’t matter if you don’t know a thing about hypnosis to begin with – my
audio course will guide you through every relevant nook and cranny to ensure
that you know everything you need to know about hypnosis before you even start.
Unlike other courses that focus on giving its users or readers pure fluff, this
audio course picks apart existing knowledge about hypnosis and provides you
with the actual applicable lessons needed by any Troll hypnotist in training.
Unlike other courses, you won’t have to deal with a lot of introductory
material that doesn’t even hint at what hypnosis really is and how you can use
it. I’ve taken away all the useless stuff so you can apply the techniques
immediately and safely.
So whether you want to try hypnosis on yourself or on someone else, all the
knowledge you will need is contained in just one course that you can review at
your leisure at home, while running or even while driving.
This audio course does not contain hypnotic scripts (or at least, active
scripts) that would make you relax too much or fall asleep.
What it does contain is techniques and miscellaneous tips that will enhance
your experience with hypnosis. You can listen to the audio course any time you
want (even while operating machinery or while driving to work)!
Are you ready for an exclusive sneak peak? Here’s what’s waiting for you on the
The truth behind hypnosis and why popular depictions of hypnosis are not only
false but largely useless if you want to actually practice hypnosis on yourself
or someone else. Hypnosis cannot be forced on someone who doesn’t want to be
hypnotized in the first place!
Hypnosis isn’t a form of magic either – though some people think it is a little
magical because it works so beautifully when the practitioner is able to use
the proper techniques.
How to use a simple and straightforward technique to create goals for yourself
as a hypnotist. This technique can also be used during a hypnosis sessions to
enhance the effectiveness of your hypnotic suggestions.
The different ways that you can benefit from hypnosis yourself. Remember: you
can hypnotize yourself and those around you to accomplish specific goals. Don’t
feel left out – try self-hypnosis if you want to boost your confidence level or
even erase bad memories.
How the subconscious mind actually works with the conscious mind when a person
needs to think, speak and act. The subconscious mind is not a slave to the
conscious mind. In fact, recent studies show that the subconscious mind is
actually the leading component of the human mind. The conscious mind is
actually following the whims of the subconscious!
How internal representations can be used to communicate with the subconscious
mind of people. The human imagination speaks a different language – find out
how you can send clear messages directly to a person’s subconscious mind during
a hypnotic trance.
The difference between merely saying and stating as a fact.
Hypnotists must be able to speak as though the subject wholly depends on the
hypnotist during the hypnotic trance.
How you can become effective and authoritative during a hypnosis session. If
you are not authoritative, your subjects may not respond well to what you want
them to think or do.
The oldest and most effective way of hammering new truths into the subconscious
mind. This technique has nothing to do with the swinging pendulum or the weird
hand gestures of the hypnotist!
How you can prepare a person adequately so that he becomes an ideal hypnotic
subject. Not all hypnotic subjects are responsive; you can avoid this problem
by following this simple preparation process.
How you can induce hypnosis without using anything but your voice. I will
reveal to you the quickest and most powerful hypnotic induction techniques
known to man. Use these techniques ethically!
Use deepening scripts to ensure that the hypnotic subject is deeply immersed in
the trance before you start giving hypnotic suggestions.
How you can utilize visualization techniques so you can enhance a subject’s
hypnotic trance.
And many, many more!
Obviously, it would be very difficult to share with you all of the contents of
the audio course here… And this is just the tip of the iceberg!
Novodobne Uspavanke Sleep Salon

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Zaspite hitro in efektivno. Znanstveno dokazane metode itd... :D
Sleep Salon\Bonus Gifts
Sleep Salon\files.txt
Sleep Salon\Relaxation Sessions
Sleep Salon\Sleep Inductions
Sleep Salon\Sleep Salon User Guide.pdf
Sleep Salon\Wake Up Sessions
Sleep Salon\Bonus Gifts\Hypnosis_Bonus_-_Overcome_Insomnia.mp3
Sleep Salon\Bonus Gifts\Hypnosis_Bonus_-_Wake_Up_with_Energy.mp3
Sleep Salon\Relaxation Sessions\Sleep Training - 20 mins.mp3
Sleep Salon\Relaxation Sessions\Stress Anxiety Reduction - 25 mins.mp3
Sleep Salon\Sleep Inductions\All Night Sleep Loop - 90 mins.mp3
Sleep Salon\Sleep Inductions\All Night Sleep Loop CD version - 80 mins.mp3
Sleep Salon\Sleep Inductions\Dissociative Sleep Induction - 50 mins.mp3
Sleep Salon\Sleep Inductions\Hypnotic Sleep Induction with Affirmation - 50
Sleep Salon\Sleep Inductions\Hypnotic Sleep Induction with Suggestions - 50
Sleep Salon\Sleep Inductions\Sleep Induction with Classical Music - 50 mins.mp3
Sleep Salon\Sleep Inductions\Sleep Induction with Night Sounds - 50 mins.mp3
Sleep Salon\Sleep Inductions\Sleep Loop for Pain Management Healing - 20
Sleep Salon\Wake Up Sessions\Wake Up Session - 20 mins.mp3
Sleep Salon\Wake Up Sessions\Wake Up with Classical Music - 15 mins.mp3
Valdamar Valerian Matrix Books 1 - 5 (PDF)

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Valerian - Matrix I.pdf
Valerian - Matrix II.pdf
Valerian - Matrix III Volume One.pdf
Valerian - Matrix III Volume Two.pdf
Valerian - MatrixIV.pdf